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Female Liquid Orgasm – Stroke Guide eBook

This is the final exercise that you’ll do to incorporate all the techniques you’ve learned into a squirting session.

Here is the stroke by stroke description of exactly what you might do.

Try to follow this routine first, integrating her feedback into your actions, and
then, as you and your lover get more comfortable, you can riff on this foundation.

We’ve also added a video that illustrates some of the strokes mentioned in the Stroke Guide.

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  1. This book was very helpful and descriptive. What is a “barrel roll?” I get the “come hither” and the “windshield wiper” but “Barrel roll?” I was a little confused at first with the terms for “pointy finger” and “index finger” I assumed after awhile, you were talking about the first two fingers, the index and middle?

    I found this more helpful than the videos but a video version of this would be best of all.

  2. We’ve added a video clip in the member’s section where we easily illustrate the windshield wiper, barrel roll and come hither. Check it out and thanks for asking for clarification. We appreciate it.

  3. Beautiful and exciting.

    • Erotic and very sexy turns me on!

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