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Free Report: More Sex, More Often — Oh, Yeah. You Want That.

Enjoy this free report with our compliments as an introduction to Dr. Patti’s new series of 3 ebooks (+ audio books) about SEDUCTION.

More Sex More Often reviews the first of the Four Keys to Seduction, “A String of Yeses.”

Want enthusiastic “yeses!”

to your sensual offers?

Click here to download a copy of  More Sex More Often.

Every seduction expert and intimacy coach will tell you that women get aroused more slowly and need small offers to get warmed up. Only Dr. Patti tells you how to “right size” your offers to get excited, turned-on “yeses” from your lover.

Learn about “running menus” and using “biofeedback” even when your woman isn’t verbally communicating her level of interest or arousal.

Enjoy this free excerpt from the first of three ebooks (+ audio books) debuting very soon from Dr. Patti Taylor, creator of the Expand Her Orgasm Tonight program.

The three books include:

  • Seduce Her Tonight: Sex Life Strategies for Getting to Yes
  • Seduction Accelerator: The Most Turn-On and Hottest Sex
  • Her Sexual Trainer: Unlock Her Most Intense Sensual Responses

Next up, I interviewed Dr. Patti about the Four Keys to Seduction. I will have that ready for your listening pleasure soon! Keep your eye on your email. Sign up below if you are not on my email list.

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Sloane Fox

19 Responses

  1. I feel M’s pain. There was never much sex from the beginning. I remember one year of using only 2 condoms out of a dozen. Now after 40 years of marriage we realize s medication I’ve been taking for the last 10 years is causing ED. I stop taking the medication on Thursday so I am able to perform on Sunday morning with the help of Cialis. Most times she didn’t seem into starting anything but always seemed to enjoy it. Now,I’ve had a prostatectomy and she doesn’t even seem to want to try. I have been very sad about the lack of any affection that has occurred over the last several years. I have given up and am accepting that it will now be a sexless marriage.

  2. I was hoping to see something that would help me get a firm (hard) erection. I did get and try the BREW, with no results.
    Until I can fix me, my wife is not interested getting reved up with no climax!
    Still looking for erection help.

  3. Suppose the roles are reversed. My husband couldn’t be more uninterested. Any advice/reports for women in this predicament?

    1. I’m sitting with the exact same situation, there is so much information out there to help men when it comes to reviving their woman’s drive but after in my case I’m a woman that has been in a relationship with a man for over 6 years and we had a baby a year and 4 months ago. He didn’t make love to me while I was pregnant and only 9 months after our daughter was born were had sec once, it had now been exactly 9 months again since we last had sex. I’ve begged, pleaded, tools him how I feel and even threatened to get myself a fuck buddy, wtf do I do, he has no interest at all, I’m so sad and lonely and really do not know what to do anymore. Please help

    2. Oh another thing is that we are only in our early thirties and that I’ve tried everything to spice up or sex life, I’ve also tried the advice from your emails and if you turn around and tell me I need to buy a DVD I’m going to cry cause that is not going to help I promise you. Why do most men get turned off their woman after they have kids? I dote enough on him, respect, flirty and touch and tell him how gorgeous he is but I still get no response from him. I don’t actually think he is sexually attracted to me anymore and just see’s me as a friend. I’m so frustrated and feel undesirable and ugly that my own boyfriend spent even want me

  4. I’m a vet trying to get by on the paltry Social “Security” thing & having a very hard time of it. I downloaded the 1st 3 eBooks & have the 5-CD set “Steamy Sex Ed”; it’s a terrific eye-opener!! But now, I’d really like to somehow get the Sexual Trainer book, but being dead broke & all, can’t figure how to obtain it from the ad. Is it available as a freebie download, or is it in CD format? In either case, I’d like to get it somehow, but right now, have zero dineros & up to a giraffe’s ass in debt. S0 – how might I solve this aggravating problem & help her out? Thanks much!! Ron

    1. Thank you for the ebook could I have a compleat set of your DVD or Ebook to
      revive her drive and more sex to buy

      Thank you ublan’o

  5. Susan
    Thank you for the ebook. I wanted to get the complete set during your test drive but I’m living on a very fixed income and just didn’t have the money. Thanks to you I’ll at least get to try one part out and see if it works. I’ll keep you posted and thanks again.

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