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How To ‘Seduce Her Tonight’ – The Sexual Genius’ 4 Keys to Seduction

In this interview, Dr. Patti explains the 4 Keys to Seduction, the Principles of Arousal and how to Be Her Sexual Trainer.

Seduction Strategies Dr Patti Free Interview 

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Whether you are a frequent dater or you’ve been married for a hundred years, you want to continue to provide increased pleasure for yourself and your lover.

If you’re stuck in a rut. . .

If approaching her with new ideas is difficult. . .

If she finds it hard to talk about sex…

If you crave more sensual variety. . .

These ESSENTIAL techniques can literally change your life, and your lover’s life, for the better.

For more turn-on and better lovemaking, listen to this important and life-altering advice from a master sexual trainer, Dr. Patti Taylor.


The 4 Keys to Seduction:

  1. A String of Offers – Make Small Offers She Can Easily Say Yes To
  2. Erotic Vigilance – Notice Where She Is In Arousal So Your Offers Match Her Needs
  3. Vulnerability – Be Honest About What You Want Out of Your Intimacy
  4. Vision – Hold the Leadership Role So She Can Surrender to a Lovemaking Plan You’ve Created Perfectly for Her

With the Principles of Arousal, you can move your lover from negative or neutral to states of turn-on.

Using “Sandbox” dates, you can Become Her Sexual Trainer, adding new, sensual experiences and techniques to your lovemaking.

Do you know the principles of arousal and the Four Keys to Seduction that will transform your sensual relating and increase your success in seduction?

If you are not getting “enough,” learning these four easy concepts can literally transform your sex life.

Big promise?

You bet.

Truly possible to actually have all the sex you want?


Just start here and the world will open for you.


Listen to this smart and helpful Complimentary Audio Preview with Dr. Patti and I where she reveals how to:

==> Move from begging, manipulation or annoyance to seductive mastery.

==> Learn how women want to be seduced. This works!

==> Enroll her in increasing her pleasure. If she’s shut down, here’s what to do.

==> Help her get in touch with her turn-on. It’s in there. She wants to find it. Help her.

==> Take her from negative or neutral into arousal. If she’s “on the rocks,” here’s how to get her off – literally and figuratively.

==> Learn how to “run menus” to make her a string of small offers she can easily accept and enjoy. This is the big secret to your future success in seduction.

==> How to create a lifetime of sexual learning, to become “her sexual trainer,” so you can have sandbox dates where you become better lovers together.

Dr. Patti shares valuable, life-altering strategies for learning to be a sexual genius, capable of seducing a woman to her delight and arousal from her new three eBook/audio book series, the Seduction Trilogy.

Listen Now:

OR “Right Click” Here to Download your copy of the audio:

Seduce Her Tonight: Sex Life Strategies for Getting to Yes
Seduction Accelerator: The Most Turn-On and Hottest Sex
Her Sexual Trainer: Unlock Her Most Intense Sensual Responses

Sloane Fox

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