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Seduce Her Tonight – Main ebook

Seduce Her Tonight – Main ebook

Dr. Patti collection of programs.
You may start by downloading the main ebook. This will serve as a guide for you while listening
to the audio page.

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  1. Why can’t I get any of the programs…each time I try to get an e-book it’s turns into an add that says I have to buy it. I haven’t really gotten anything but adds. You have my money so what am I doing wrong?

    • Hi John,

      We have over 20 DIFFERENT courses in the Membership Library. You have purchased access to one of the courses, but this material is not part of that course. I’ll send you a link to the course overview to the course that you have purchased.

  2. Anything for kegel exercises, and to grow a bigger penis, also having concentration problems when intimate with her. I used to last at least 30 min now maybe 6-10 min. How can I last longer With her

  3. I am a married man of 23+ years have two very smart and talented boys with this women but our sex life is limited to a few positions Im looking for the way to open it up to all the way. Got any pointers or tips

  4. cool

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