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Seducing And Turning Her On: What You Need To Know

Seduce Her Tonight eBook: Unleash Passion

Five secrets every man should know

I’m happy to say tha I have done a lot of dating in my life. I guess I’ve always been
pretty popular. In addition to having had lots of short-term relationships, I’ve also
had several significant long-term ones as well.

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  1. So, I have been married for 13 years and 4 kids ages 10 and under. For 2 years my wife has been having an affair with a much younger woman. My wife never had any indications of being with another woman and now she is confused on sexuality. I know deep in my soul, it is due to the attraction and the seductive nature this young, fun, single, bad girl led my wife to these feelings and actually treats my wife very poorly. But sexually attracts her and my wife is confused. She has not yet followed thru with divorce and still hugs and kisses me, but I cannot figure out how to get her to want me again. I have been the nice guy for sooooo long, she knows I am her rock. She hides from her partner time with me, but continues to see me. They live together so my time is limited and usually for family things, with kids all day. How do I show a bad boy persona without pushing her away and try any seduction when always with kids and rarely alone. I know she wants to come home, but her attraction is so great to this woman, and so much time alone is spent with her, how do I get her to start thinking about me sexually again? I actually think she wants to have sex again, but to figure out her sexuality rather than wanting to have sex with me because of sexual attraction. Even if we have sex, I know I may not be able to compete with the orgasms she may be having with another woman. At least not in one night… any advice please help. I will fight for my wife and want her to obsess over me as she does this younger woman.

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