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Sexy Talk "Love Lines: The Open Mind System" Free Audio Interview

Using language and an understanding of the intersection of mind and body, to have hotter, juicer and more connected lovemaking.

In this special Expanded Lovemaking interview, you’ll get to know Daka Raj, a practicing Master Seducer and advanced practitioner of Expanded Orgasm.

This entire talk is loaded with examples of masterful seduction in action.


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From: Dr. Patti

Dear Friend,

In this special Expanded Lovemaking interview, you’ll get to know Daka Raj, a practicing Master Seducer and advanced practitioner of Expanded Orgasm.

Learn how his special interest in language, combined with a new technology for understanding how the mind and body intersect, can lead to hotter, juicier lovemaking.

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You will hear throughout this conversation, the use of principles (or Keys) from my Seduction Trilogy. This entire talk is loaded with examples of masterful seduction in action.  I encourage you to notice for yourself many instances throughout the interview where Daka Raj and I are using my Seduction Keys and ongoing Sexual Training principles.

In my new Seduction Trilogy, I have created three complimentary books that teach you the Four Keys to Seduction and the Three Keys to Being A Master Sexual Trainer.

In Seduce Her Tonight, you’ll learn “A String of Yeses (Small Offers)” and “Erotic Vigilance.”

In the Seduction Accelerator, you’ll learn “Vision” and “Vulnerability.”

In Her Sexual Trainer, you’ll learn the Three Keys to becoming a Master Sexual Trainer including, Appreciation, Communication and Incubation.

This amazing and powerful “Open Mind” system can determine the optimal way to give your lover the best type of loving attention, perfectly tuned to the way their mind works.

It’s based on NLP, neuro-linguisitic programming which explains that people tend to be predominantly more visual, auditory or kinesthetic (feeling) in different states of being – during Alpha, Beta and Theta states.

Your lover starts in Alpha, moves into Beta as she gets turned on, then segues into Theta, the trance state so perfect for connecting into each other. In each of these three states, she may lead with a different “channel.” She may start auditory, move to kinesthetic and end up at visual. Your states may be completely different.

By understanding how her mind maps the world, you can tune into her arousal more easily and communicate with her in the way it’s most easy for her to access her arousal.

“Talking dirty” to a woman who initially gets aroused visually is wasted effort. Eye gazing with a visually shy person won’t turn her on. And, touching a woman too early in her arousal might be a turn off for her if she doesn’t lead with her kinesthetic mind.

Learning to understand how to start her seduction, move her into arousal and help her surrender to her sensuality by knowing when to give her the right kind of sexy or dirty talk, when to look in her eyes, when to stroke her, may infinitely improve your connection to each other.

You’ll find out where there is room to optimize on what you’re already doing well. You will discover strategies that may lead to major improvements in connection, kissing, and lovemaking.
You can also identify your process for arousal and share it with her. Perhaps you like to start with visual, move into kinesthetic and then finish with auditory?

Sexy lingerie, deep kissing and then dirty talk?

Find out YOUR Open Mind preferences and share them with her as you are working together to figure hers out.

Daka Raj offers a variety of turned-on love lines he might use with different women, who have very different “profiles,” during sexual pleasuring dates. Hear what he’d say at the beginning, middle, and (really heated) final parts of steamy Expanded Orgasm dates. Daka Raj knows how to turn a woman on, by noticing how she best responds in each state of arousal.

When you say the right types of words to your partner, well, you can really get her cooking! I ask for, and give, some examples for women talking to men, too, and ask Daka Raj if my ideas seem on target. We do our best to stay seated as examples are traded. These prolific examples will melt, vibrate, sizzle and soar! And it’s all for a good cause: More love, pleasure and turn-on.

Learn all about this amazing cutting-edge technology of love in this exciting, fascinating interview.

Dr. Patti

[Dr. Patricia Taylor]

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  1. Thank so much my doctor Patti
    I am already a changed person from your free post lessons.personal life media website had moved me out of marriage depration. I have also introduce friends to also learn from your team on PLM website. I have not been able to buy any program but happy so far . Thanks for this love In restoring coolness into uncountable lives. Espacially marriages.Dennis

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