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The Four Keys to Seduction – Become a Sexual Genius

Do you know the principles of arousal and the Four Keys to Seduction that will transform your sensual relating and increase your success in seduction?

If you are not getting “enough,” learning these four easy concepts can literally transform your sex life.

Big promise?

You bet.

Truly possible to actually have all the sex you want?


Just start here and the world will open for you.


SHT Dr Patti Freeline Interview – Edited

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Listen to this smart and helpful Complimentary Audio Preview with Dr. Patti and I where she reveals how to:

==> Move from begging, manipulation or annoyance to seductive mastery.

==> Learn how women want to be seduced. This works!

==> Enroll her in increasing her pleasure. If she’s shut down, here’s what to do.

==> Help her get in touch with her turn-on. It’s in there. She wants to find it. Help her.

==> Take her from negative or neutral into arousal. If she’s “on the rocks,” here’s how to get her off – literally and figuratively.

==> Learn how to “run menus” to make her a string of small offers she can easily accept and enjoy. This is the big secret to your future success in seduction.

==> How to create a lifetime of sexual learning, to become “her sexual trainer,” so you can have sandbox dates where you become better lovers together.

Dr. Patti shares valuable, life-altering strategies for learning to be a sexual genius, capable of seducing a woman to her delight and arousal from her new three eBook/audio book series, the Seduction Trilogy.

Seduce Her Tonight: Sex Life Strategies for Getting to Yes
Seduction Accelerator: The Most Turn-On and Hottest Sex
Her Sexual Trainer: Unlock Her Most Intense Sensual Responses

Sloane Fox

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9 Responses

  1. Thank you Dr. Taylor, Sloane and others. Last night was probably the most incredible sex I have ever had! My wife doesn’t usually drink alcohol, but had a glass of wine before bed. We got in bed together, and I rubbed her down – her back, her legs, her neck and shoulders. We started kissing. Incredible kissing – at least 5 minutes worth. My wife is blessed with a 38DD chest – actually I am blessed. Her chest is a huge turn on for me. After kissing her passionately, I began to kiss her breasts. As recommended by one of the writers here, I talked to her in a way to let her know that she was the sexiest woman on the earth. I then put one hand down between her legs. I usually go right for her clitoris and stroke away. Not last night. I gently rubbed all around the outer edge of her vagina. Touched her clit once or twice, but did not focus there. She really enjoyed it, as my fingers were very wet after just a little while. I was getting excited and got up on my knees and put my cock up to her mouth, while still rubbing her down below. She appreciated that. She grabbed onto my cock with her mouth and was wonderful. Licked the head all over. Deep throated me. I then got out the vibrator that I have used for years to please her. I started rubbing it all over her genitals. Slow, easy, even strokes. I put it to use on her clitoris. Her moans told me that she enjoyed it. I then stuck my fingers inside her and went to her G spot. Her loud groans let me know I was doing the right thing. She was still giving my cock all the attention I could stand. Then I leaned down and let my tongue do the work, vibrator inside her now. She really enjoyed that. I came up while she kept deep throating me. She asked me to “lick it again”. We have done the 69 before, but it has been a while. So I went back down with my tongue all over her outer vagina, paying attention to her clit. The vibrator inside her the whole time. She had 2 orgasms during that. I asked her if she really liked 2 cocks in her at once, 1 on each end. Her deep groans let me know that she did!She was soaking wet now. She almost had me to the point of orgasm in her mouth, so I pulled it out. I then got between her legs, vibrator still inside her and let my tongue keep working. She had an earth shattering orgasm then. INCREDIBLE! I then put my cock in her. Super hot and juicy. She was still moaning. She has always liked doggy style, so I asked her if she wanted that. She said whatever I wanted. I remembered the one article about rotating my wife, so I took her leg and rolled her on her side. I kept pumping and she kept moaning. I told her I was sorry, but it was too much for me and I shot my load. It felt like 3 quarts! I told her we will do that again – except more. She has made me orgasm twice in one session before. I told her my goal was for 3 times for me and at least 6 or 7 for her next time. Thank you all for the great advice.

  2. The problem is guys get sick of trying & trying & trying! Guys have to do everything from introduction, to dating, to seduction & the marriage. Into the seduction mode & one wrong word & its “all over red rover”….ONE WORD!!! If you women worked on an even playing field rather than just sit back and hope the guy gets you into the right mood things would be a lot different. After a series of failures the guy starts to think why bother & IT’S NO WONDER GUYS STRAY. Its nothing but hard work over & over again! You women are the cause of all today’s seduction problems.

    1. Women are complex creatures to understand. They like playing the game and be chaced. And yes if you stray from the course of action they had pre laid out in their minds, your out of the game. Question is to find what their game plan is. Be kind and listen carefully. Most women like an assertiveness man but still like to maintain some sort of control in the game. And then there are other factors at work, if she’s been hurt by a guy recently(she will be on guard), if its a certain time of month(need I explain?) And simply if the stars are all alligned to her liking(her mood that particular moment).
      Having said all this I adore women and find it a challenge to figure each one out. Dont take it personally.

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