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Clitoral Fatigue and the Case for a DO Date

Clitoral Fatigue and the Case for a DO Date

Last night it was chilly in our bedroom, so we snuggled under the covers.

Instead of having a “DO date*” before making love like we usually do, hubby just stroked my genitals as he lay by my side, under the blankets.

Bad idea. . .

In the hot tub this morning, we talked about how, even though we were turned on and hot for each other and the lovemaking itself was awesome, the whole experience just wasn’t as good for either of us as when we do an Expanded Orgasm session at the start.

Here’s why:

1) If my genitals don’t have the focused attention that a two-handed DO date affords them, the sex won’t feel as good.

The way the lover sits during a DO date, as he strokes his woman, give his full use of both hands, one on her clitoris, one at the entrance to or inside her vagina.

Lying side by side, the hand range is limited, and the decreased flexible range means clitoral fatigue is likely. You know that feeling when you just can’t stand to have your clit touched? That comes from improper stroking. The clit can actually be pleasured continuously for hours when peaks and down strokes are incorporated as part of an Expanded Orgasm practice.

Getting “in there” with two hands makes engorgement easier and the “bread and butter stroke” used in Expanded Orgasm sessions is such that you can keep stroking her and bringing her up into more delightful peaks of orgasms for a long time.

2) Nothing feels as good to me sexually until my whole Yoni is engorged.

The Expanded Orgasm style of stroking brings blood to my inner and out labia, allows my clitoral shaft to “pop” and wakes up the inside of my vagina and G-Spot. Once all the parts are fluffy, it feels a zillion times better to be touched and stroked and to have really sensational intercourse.

Just stroking my clitoris, without awakening my entire genital area is just not going to turn me on, arouse me, let me really enjoy the whole lovemaking session with my lover.

Seems like good loving, like good cooking, simply can’t be rushed.

*DO Date means “deliberate orgasm” session. It’s what Dr. Patti teaches in Expand Her Orgasm Tonight. It’s sensual genital massage that allows the stroker to hold a woman in orgasmic sensation for extended periods of time.

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  1. I love your BLOG, it is a acknowledgement, reinforcement, and encouragement of what my wife and I already know and do each DO date, is an opportunity to explore more ways to give each other pleasure. GOD Bless you and your instruction. We will do our best to share what we have learned form you. Thank you.

  2. Comment

  3. it was a good article and mind slowing,step by step progress is better .

  4. I have done clitoral stimulation but not in the manner as described. Will now focus on doing it as per advice and see the difference. I will be watching for feedback from my wife particulalry from her facial reaction and any sensual utterings from her to guide me on.

  5. Its good. i try ed it with my wife but she dose not allows me to put my fingers inside her vigena. this is her problem since many years

  6. I have use the clitoral stimulation technique before but not in the manner was described. It was fantastic. I watched my wife’s reaction. I should thank you for teaching this great technique.

  7. Just love your ‘TOTAL’ approach.

  8. I like your blog is very educative.keep it up

  9. Good information I gat this information it’s not allowed and easy gat in a lot of country like Arab and Islamic, 3 world the shame from both man and women,and the language(like English) the young people know more than the older……the love and the sex part of the life but some people the don’t like to be happy and living 40,50,or more without plunger and the clitoral stimulation technique is very be have in the life
    thanks for your information to us

  10. What is the Yoni?

  11. As we grow older, my wife doesn’t like to be rubbed. She wants me to suck and lick her clitoris till she climaxes. The we either use a massager around her clitoris or we have intercoarse. It takes me a long time to climax so we change positions every time see climaxes. Most times about 5, if we use the massager after oral she cum faster, more, an soaks the sheets. I’ve tried to let me engorged her, or give her multiple orgasm with oral or massager, but she gets a stronger orgasm from intercoarse.

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