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How To Use Adult Friend Finder To Get A Sensual Play Partner for Sexual Mastery Learning Dates

A prospective customer, Hank, called today asking if he purchased Female Liquid Orgasm, would it give him the confidence to give a woman an ejaculatory orgasmic experience?

We get this question a lot – guys without partners who want to work on their knowledge and skills for the moment when that special lady is finally in their arms…

And Hank, being a single guy not ready for a long term relationship, asked how he might find a woman who would be willing to let him learn on her body?

Note: Hank is also a born-again Christian and doesn’t want to have intercourse until he’s married. . .

Hank asked if I recommended putting a profile on Adult Friend Finder. (A site for singles and couples to hook up for sexually-oriented dating.)

I said, “yes, that’s a great idea, as long as you write your profile correctly.”

Here’s what I’d recommend if you’re going to look for a NSA (no strings attached) play partner.

  • First, clearly establish your personal boundaries.
  • Say what you will and won’t do.
  • Ask for exactly what you want.
  • Communicate YOUR integrity about honoring HER boundaries.
  • Come up with a benefit-statement online handle.

Possible Name: “GiveYouSquirtingO’s”

Sweetheart of a guy looking for a female partner for sensual play dates specifically to explore female ejaculatory squirting orgasms.
Can we get together just to learn about this sensual experience together? I need help learning about G-Spot orgasms and desire a willing partner to learn with.
I am not looking for intercourse or a sex partner per se. I am looking for a female partner for a learning situation. We can meet once, or preferably multiple times, if the chemistry is good.
I will honor your boundaries.
I would be pleased to come to you or to host. I will make your environment comfortable with nice music and lighting the room the temperature you enjoy.
I encourage and appreciate all of your feedback. And anything you tell me or communicate to me during our session will always get a simple two word reply, “Thank you.”
I would be honored to give you a massage to relax you, but would prefer no kissing or other sexually intimate activity and desire to keep our educational dates just that. I’m looking for a mutually supportive buddy.
I will wear comfortable clothing. You can wear clothes too if you prefer, and just take your panties off, if that’s what makes you feel most comfortable.
I have taken the Female Liquid Orgasm course by Tallulah Sulis, renowned expert in female ejaculation and I want to apply all this training to giving a woman the pleasure of having female ejaculatory orgasms. There are practices in the course that we can try together in our discovery.
As well, I will be there if you laugh, you cry, you need a break or you want to keep going and have orgasm after orgasm after orgasm.
I have a strong appetite for honing my experiences so I can make the perfect woman, when I find her, deliriously happy.
And I am open to all of your needs and input and will work to make any situation we agree on a positive life experience for you.
Can you help me learn? Can we learn with fun, safety and honor, together?
I love all types of women and seek a partner who foremost has a great attitude, whether you are 26 or 66.

No strings attached and I am disease-free and staying that way.  You must bring current STD and HIV paperwork and I will show you mine. I have high integrity and will show the utmost discretion.

STD Testing 4

Thank you so much for replying. If you would like any more information please feel free to reach out and connect with me.

If you write something like that, the women who are interested in learning can find you and they will be a perfect fit.

Give it a try and let me know how you do.

With love,
Sloane Fox

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  1. Hi Sloane,

    WOW. I can not thank you enough. I was not expecting this. You changed everything for me, and I suspect my confidence and my life. You’re amazing! I could never have written a profile like this. I can learn so much about many things just by rereading your profile.

    Thank you so very much.

    I am so excited.

    And this all from the # 1 Female Ejaculation site on the PLANET? You gals train the EXPERTS?

    You are very kind, humble, and professional.

  2. continued (I got cutoff during my 1st post)

    Thanks to you deciphering my steps and presentation over the phone to practice Female Ejaculation in the bedroom, I am now actually excited about my journey, and you helped me figure it out. I can’t wait to start!

    We have just started our relationship, and you’ve already gone beyond my expectations in helping me learn how to give women the single most powerful orgasm there is – FEMALE EJACULATION. I can hear and feel your passion for what you do for us guys – and you too ladies!

    Sloane, one thing I am so grateful to have learned long ago – always say when you don’t know – even on the minor details – and go to the experts to teach you. Yes, it is an outstanding thing for us guys when after the experts are done with us we can present the full polished package to our one special lady for the very first time – whether it be FLO, seduction, talking to women, understanding women etc. Nothing beats this for us, but along the way, guys, you better bare your soul and not act like you know something you really don’t – or you never will. Do you really think your lady cares how you learned all this amazing stuff if she starts asking you questions and you tell her about or


    Well, maybe for a few minutes while she’s recovering for her “next soak the bed orgasm.” She will never ask you again. She was just curious. It’s the results she will be forever happy with.

    There are lots of imposters out there stealing your money when it comes to teaching Female Ejaculation. I know, they have some of mine. If you are reading this, you are FINALLY in the right place to correctly learn Female Ejaculation.

    Thank You again Sloane for all of your time and help and God Bless You…………….Hank

  3. Sloane- That was an excellent profile that you wrote for Hank and any other person who wants to get an idea of how to write a profile to encourage women to respond.
    I have NOT gotten any good responses from people who have used these types of sex sites. Some people MAY say that they do, but, I question their validity. The same is true with dating sites.
    I personally believe, it is best to learn it with women that you meet in everyday life.
    I would also recommend that Hank learn safer-sex practices and believe in being RESPECTFUL towards women.
    Like most men, they NEED the knowledge and beliefs to understand how to satisfy and pleasure a woman. Experience helps, a lot! :>)

    • Oh I also hate to be the bearer of bad news, but squirting is over ratted. I guess over sold in porno as being the “real thing”?

  4. You are brilliant
    I joined such a site in Ukraine and during the 4 years as a member, I receive more than 8,000 messages from sensational women from 18 to 44.

    For me it worked with a much less jazzy resume message.

    Next month I am moving from San Diego to Ecuador and she (Aliona) is flying there to marry.

  5. Really brilliant,I think it is best.

  6. This is a question for Mattdonn (above). Would you be willing to share your somewhat briefer and less given to oversell profile you posted that generated 8,000 replies from women ages 18 to 44 who were interested in learning and experiencing feminine ejaculation. I have heard about another master lover, Maverick Masterson, who advertised for women interested in a “date” to experience continuous orgasms for hours at a time. He had more “clients” than he could accommodate and liquid orgasms may be just as popular and sought after.

    • Yes that sounds awesome I concur and would like to receive same information and courtesy. Tony

  7. I think this is bad advice. Women can be very different. What works on one may not work on another. You have to be very relaxed and self ware to squirt. If your just looken to build confidence or a no stirrings blow off steam – by all means. You find someone you want to be in a relationship with your going to have to learn about that woman as an individual.

  8. One last comment as a sexually aware woman I would never respond to a profile like this. It sounds boring almost clinical!

  9. I had to make one more comment. In part cause I’m on OKC and I get all kinds, despite my profile being pretty specific. Orgasimic meditation is almost cult like here in the bay area. I personally find it being rubbed the wrong way. I’m nice but not sexually compatible with me. I send them on their way. I also get a lot of men to young for me that seem to have be following some sort of how to catch a cougar advice. It is annoying and time consuming.

    • You sound like your 66 years old, you have all this so called knowledge you spit out like you have been around plenty of bushes in your life time, look if you want to rain on the parade of someone else rain on the parade from the side of experience, do not put your two cents in where your OPINIONS are only formulated from speculation.

      My question, and this is a double edged sword, have you had a liquid O before, or not. Because you are probably the bad apple in the bunch of good apples who speaks contradictory to the status quo.

      And if you speak contradictory it has to be because you had rainbows pumped up your bum by some player who promised to give it to you if you gave it up. So you gave it up, and he gave you his happy ending.


  10. Looking for some action. Objective. Perhaps leading to subjective.

  11. I’m looking for someone who likes to share intimate sexual experiences. Hope I’ve caught your attention. I like to share other things. Like dining out. Talking. Movies.

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