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3 Devastating Blocks to Success with Women

My dear friend, Adam Gilad, wrote this in preparation for his upcoming weekend intensive.
It’s insightful and I wanted to share it with you. I especially like this:

“…women are waiting for you to stand out from the army of sweet, passive guys out there — and CLAIM them.”

So true, Adam. So true!!! We want a man to desire us, claim us, take us, show us he wants us.

Over the past two weeks, I have coached almost 100 men from this community over the phone.

My conclusions: you are deeply honest about your internal and external blocks — and you are inspiringly devoted to achieving SUCCESS with women, whatever it takes.

I also discovered THREE DEVASTATING BLOCKS TO SUCCESS with women that many of you shared.

Listen closely…

1. You are attached to STORIES of the past.

Some of these stories were laid on you by your biggest breakup.  Some are from childhood.  All of them are irrelevant.  Key to your success is your ability to DETACH past stories from current REALITY.  It’s not a difficult process — in fact
it’s FUN INCREDIBLY SIMPLE and especially LIBERATING We will have an expanded “detach from old stories” session during our Dec 17-19 Intensive here in sunny Cal.  More on how to detach story from reality during this next year in
our ACILife360 Monthly Program.

2. You don’t really know how to ESCALATE from friend to lover.

Sexual escalation.  Hot, sexy flirty conversation topics. Sly texts.  How to CLAIM a woman as yours — with your eyes, with your body language, with your inner intent. All of these things are – again – FUN – and women are waiting for you to stand out from the army of sweet, passive guys out there — and CLAIM them.

Hint: you don’t claim them for your selfish reasons —
but to GIVE them a great experience.  More on THAT
during the weekend and during the monthly program.

3. You don’t know how to lead CONVERSATION into emotional, sensual depth.

You are good guys and smart guys.  But I look at conversation like the screenwriter I’ve been for 15 years — every word counts.  Every scene counts.  The topic counts, the context counts — and everything LEADS to a deeper experience.
Nothing is random.  Everything is a building block to building attraction, intrigue and opening up to possibility.

We are just about sold out for the December 17-19 Weekend Intensive here in LA — intensive feedback sessions, online and offline communication sessions, heading out with my scrumptious expert wingwomen, styling from my Hollywood stylist genius friends.  We get deep, have a blast but most of all — we DISSOLVE INDIVIDUAL BLOCKS.

If you are at all blocked by any of the above three blocks to enjoying the most beautiful, supportive, sexy women possible — write me and see if we can get you out here.

Go here to learn more or apply — and then you and I will get on the phone, see how I can help you SOLVE YOUR OBSTACLES ONCE AND FOR ALL – and figure
out a way to get you here.


Think hard about what you want in your life.

Let’s see if I can get you there — quickly.

Your friend,


p.s. — don’t forget – the weekend has a full month of COACHING afterwards to make sure you are implementing everything you learn.  I will NOT LEAVE
you hanging.  I am here to get CHANGE and SUCCESS for you.  Relentlessly.

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