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Free Report: The Power and Pleasure of Orgasmic Peaking by Dr. Patti Taylor

Peaking is a critical component of the Expanded Orgasm practice, in that when you “peak” her during a DO date (a deliberate orgasm aka DO date), you are actually making her reach for the sensation so that she achieves higher levels of exquisite pleasure.

There’s a science and an art to the concept of “peaking” her and it creates longer and more intense whole-body orgasms. Peaking allows you to stack orgasms without clitoral fatigue.

Peaking is one of the many facets to the Expanded Orgasm practice that send her into the stratosphere.

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  1. Some of what you talk about I do use and have always done,but there is a lot I didn’t relieve was even possible. Like to climax for so long, as long has you don’t over do it all at once, great info Thank You for your insight on this.

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