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Home Access HIV Testing Kit Versus Planned Parenthood 20 Minute Test

Easy and Quick Home-Access

If you have more than one lover, you should get tested REGULARLY for STD’s and HIV.

If you haven’t read my Safe Sex Guide post click here.

At Planned Parenthood they now have a thumb prick blood test that gives you results in 20 minutes, and they offer a sliding scale payment depending on your financial situation.

Another way to get tested easily and effortlessly is through a new, FDA-approved product called Home Access that you can get on Amazon, shipped directly to your home.

There are two versions of Home Access. The one that’s slightly more expensive is just processed more quickly.

If you go to Planned Parenthood, it costs about $60 for a test – though they do offer sliding scale billing, if you are financially constrained. If you buy Home Access, it costs about $44-$59 + shipping.

If you are having sex with more than one partner with whom you are not “fluid bonded” you should all get tested regularly.
Take care of yourself. Take care of your lovers. Be good in life and good in bed.

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