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How Your Woman’s Genitals Are A "System" – "Women’s Anatomy of Arousal"

nullI can’t stop thinking about Sheri Winston’s new book, “Women’s Anatomy of Arousal.” I really LOVE this book and have reviewed it here on my blog, of course.

But today, I was describing it to a friend, and in the telling, I connected the dots on Sheri’s work in a new way that I wanted to share with you.

Sheri talks about women’s genitalia as a “system.” She looks at the erectile tissue network as a “network” of interconnected parts that when fully stimulated, bring immense pleasure to her.

She also looks at the alimentary system and all her orifices as a system. Open your mouth, it relaxes your vaginal and anal openings – it’s a TUBE.

I’ve learned to open, open, open – in my quest for multiple expanded O’s and squirting O’s, it’s all about opening, not crunching down to squeeze out that measly clitoral O.

Further, Sheri talks about the system of breath, sound, touch and “pelvic pumping” to take a woman’s O experience higher.

This pelvic pump is the Tantric version of the root chakra (muladhar) or in Yogic terms, the Sushumna. It’s also the same area you “exercise” when you do Kegels. The importance of the pelvic floor is vital in many ancient teachings.

Four years ago I hadn’t heard of any of this, now I am starting to see the interconnectedness.

Open, Breathe, Pump, Engorge – magic words for expanded sensuality.

With love,
Sloane Fox

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3 Responses

  1. I have done all you suggest I do all the foreplay i suck on her clitoris I finger her till she squirts she gets all wet and hot and still she won’t let me put my penis in and I am frustrated i need to be inside her, what can I do? All she does is run her hand thru my pubic hair and it does feel good but by this time I am pretty big and hard and she won’t suck me nor try to jerk me off and I need to cum real bad I want to be in her cunt help me please I don’t want to go outside of our relationship I finally just jack off myself to get relief I just don’t know what to do anymore should I not get her that hot and wet? I don’t know what she is punishing me for.

  2. Now I am LOST ! Open What ? Breathe How? Pump What? Engorge———–> Yeah Right??
    Your certainly not dealing with a 60 year old post menapausal woman who thinks sex is for kids & making babies!!!

    1. Dan,
      Thanks for asking for clarification on this blog post.

      This is advanced sensuality information and wouldn’t be helpful in the near term for a woman who isn’t yet in a mode of expanding her sexuality. For women who want to have better orgasms, this is new information… that your breathing and squeezing can increase sensation.

      Your take away should be merely this: “Oh, there’s a tube up inside her that has erectile tissue like my penis that, if massaged and stroked, can make her orgasms better — when ever we get there if we get there as a couple.”

      For your wife, I suggest you start with getting underneath her limiting beliefs about sensuality before worrying about any of this technique described above.

      In your situation, it is most important to understand why she believes sex is only for procreation. What led her to believe that? How can you expand your wife’s view of her sensual potential?

      Education is the most beneficial way to expand her potential.

      Would she read a book for you?
      Could you read it and talk to her about it?

      How about one of these?
      Intended for Pleasure: Sex Technique and Sexual Fulfillment in Christian Marriage, Third Edition
      The Secret Pleasures of Menopause

      You have a good 20 years or more of the greatest sex of your lives.

      Be patient and lead her in understanding that this can be a beautiful time of pleasure and intimacy and that you truly desire to experience a sensual awakening with her. That you are willing to take it slowly, but you ask if she will allow you to take her on a journey of baby steps together.

      Let me know if this is possible for you to consider. And if not, why? We’ll keep brainstorming. I’m committed to your and HER sensual happiness!


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