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Review: Women’s Anatomy of Arousal by Sheri Winston

nullThis is a must-read book for every sexual being on the planet.

Seriously, get this book NOW and it will increase your sexual savvy immediately.

Full of deep insights into human nature, new discoveries in female anatomy and exercises to take the sensations you’re feeling during sex and expand and improve them for more deliciousness make this book some of the best sexual advice I’ve ever read.

Dr. Christiane Northrup wrote, “The most comprehensive, user-friendly, practical and uplifting book on women’s sexuality I’ve ever read.”  And it’s true.

Sheri does an excellent job explaining the fundamental differences, both emotionally and physically between women and men’s approach to sexuality and arousal in a way that’s immediately actionable and makes your sexual experiences even better.

Then she goes into great detail, including illustrations of her own creation, outlining the female erectile tissue network. If you want to arouse a woman, get her engorged, which means, get that erectile tissue filled up with blood so it feels exquisite.

Playing With Her Whole Erectile Tissue Network (anatomy picture)

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Once you know where all the erectile tissue is in a woman’s body, you can start to stroke and awaken it into full arousal. Sheri gives us the most updated map to a woman’s erectile tissue available.

Understanding anatomy allows you to be an even better lover, finding all those delicious spots like vestibular bulbs, the front commissure and the fourchette, for example. If you’re not stroking these areas, in addition to the G-Area and the clitoris, you are leaving a world of arousal out of your potential for pleasure.

Another part of the book (this book is SO RICH in information it’s impossible to outline all the goodness) I particularly liked was the concept that our orafices are all in a networked system. If I open my mouth and breathe deeply, it also opens my vaginal orafice (Bulbocavernosus, entroitus) and anus, relaxing me further into a state of arousal.  Working that interconnectedness of the alimentary system leads to greater turn-on.

There’s a wealth of great advice about intercourse and how to do it well in this book too. Everything from understanding the level of arousal it takes for the round ligaments to pull the cervix up so if you’re making love strongly (pounding) it doesn’t hurt, to explaining how the Pudendal (external genital nerve) and Pelvic nerves add to the pleasurable sensations during intercourse.

Sheri also makes the case for using everyday language, like fucking and pussy, in addition to more clinical terms like intercourse and vulva. Here’s why I am a righteous potty mouth.

Once you learn the latest in anatomy, the book really gets going.

Using these fundamental notions of arousal and anatomy, Sheri teaches you three levels of learning and skill to become and “erotic virtuoso.” Level one are solo skills, Two are partner skills and Three involves advanced partner skills.

She gives breathing and visualization tools that help you expand your sensation and pleasure including:

  • Mind Movies
  • Heart Skills
  • Breathwork
  • Sounding Skills
  • Pelvic Floor Strengtheners
  • Visualizations

I know there will be one technique from the list above that will catapult your sexing into the next level of pleasure.

The culmination of this excellent book is a guide for men about how to be a masterful lover by taking into account every piece of advice Sheri knows for understanding a woman’s arousal and making it simple for a man to flow into that understanding in a way that makes him a smooth, sophisticated lover.

This book is a must read for everyone having sex. You will learn much, you will get some great new practices and Sheri will show you where you are in your journey to becoming “wholistically erotic” and how to take the next step in your personal, sexual evolution.

4 Responses

  1. It is truly refreshing to hear 2 females talking about the female anatomy so openly, and with so much description and detail. I am very grateful for the honesty and insite. I have definitely learned from the first part of the orgasmic abundance audio.

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

    Have a sensational day

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