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This Breathing/Sounding/Squeezing Is Working

Bold and Beautiful: The Fierce Lady

I wrote recently about my desire to improve the quality of my orgasms during intercourse.

Thanks to everyone who posted ideas! I love and appreciate your input!

Now that I am very open and engorged from the Expanded Orgasm practice, and we’re able to do more deep thrusting and pounding (not too hard!) intercourse, I am having a new kind of orgasm. This orgasm is more obtuse than an acute clitoral or even G-Spot-style orgasm and I described it as making me whimper instead of moan.

I know from experience that my orgasms improve with practice. When I started my Expanded Orgasm practice, I could have a couple of clitoral orgasms during sex and now I can pretty much come for 45 minutes with each wave getting better and better and very melty.

The same with ejaculatory orgasms. I felt a little wetness at first, then a squirt and now, if we’re on a roll, I am like a wellspring of Amrita (a Sanskrit word for female ejaculate). Sometimes it even shoots out of me and gets my feet wet! Those squirting orgasms got better and better feeling and I have more exquisite, deep releases over time and still do too.

So I know that now with the new deeper vaginal orgasms I’m experienced, the quality can seriously improve.

I did a review of Sheri Winston’s new book, Women’s Anatomy of Arousal and in it, she teaches pelvic pumping, breathwork and how opening one’s mouth can also relax and open the vagina and anus.

Being a sexual over-achiever, I decided to combine all three ideas into a Ninja move and it’s already improving my orgasms. (I found out Sheri calls it “Pussy Breathing!”)

Before hubby enters me, I do this all at the same time:

  • pump my pelvic floor muscles by squeezing up
  • while I breathe in deeply
  • and open my mouth and relax the opening of my throat
  • then breathe out with a moan
  • and focus on moving the energy all through my body, filling up my arms, legs, chest, head with sexual sensation
  • repeat

I do this 3-5 times before he enters me and again during a break in the action.

It has already opened me and expanded my orgasm. The whimpering is evolving into a more open, moaning, swirling feeling orgasmic pleasure.

One again, I am a devotee of this book and Sheri’s teachings. If you haven’t yet read it, what are you waiting for? It’s the best sex book I’ve read since Dr. Patti’s Expanded Orgasm, on which we based her Expand Her Orgasm Tonight program.

One last thing…

I want to thank my husband for letting me pump, moan, breathe, open and do whatever the hell crazy thing I want to with total acceptance and genuine support and love. He’s so awesome, he receives all my ideas so positively, that it allows me constant growth. Thank you, baby! I love you!

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6 Responses

  1. Extremely interesting. I have given a lot of sensual massages and and been following and practicing all the techniques discussed on this site and this is just more to add to the arsenal.
    Thank you

  2. Hi, Sloane.
    You manage to give a good sense of your own progress and development as a woman who has learned and is still learning to enjoy her own body and her own sexuality in concert with her partner to increase the pleasure derived from sexual activities for both yourself and your husband. Great stuff.

    I wish that more women would take such a positive, exploratory, adventurous approach to the own sexual development and pleasure.

    Over the years, I have had a deep and abiding interest in the subjects of sexuality, sexual function and sexual pleasure. These interests, coupled with my other interests of alternative healing and PEOPLE, have led to me developing several massage techniques that have helped some women to become more comfortable with themselves, their bodies and their sexuality. I post one of those techniques here for any and all who may wish to use it or experience it.

    Pelvic Floor Sculpting

    Hi, Folks.
    Many, MANY moons ago, I studied Deep Tissue Muscle Therapy. I found it VERY interesting as it worked on both the emotional and physical levels at the same time. How-wevver, I also had the feeling that there were some possible applications that either the instructors didn’t know about or they weren’t telling us, their students.

    Me being the inquisitive soul that I am, I got to thinking about this and I came up with several answers. I post one of those answers for you now.

    Before I go on, I would like to emphasize that this technique is derived from Deep tissue Muscle Therapy which works with the emotions at least as much as with the physical body. It is possible that this work may surface some deep or deeply hidden emotions, especially if the subject has experienced sexual trauma in the past, and both the subject and the operator should be aware of this possibility and be both open to and capable of dealing with it.

    This technique involves sculpting the edges of the bones around the female pelvic floor opening. I have found it easiest to work with the subject lying face down as the subject then does not have to move for the operator to access all necessary areas. It does not matter whether the subject chooses to be naked or to keep her underwear on. Full access is possible either way with no variation in technique other than reaching beneath the underwear to contact the skin if the underwear is still being worn.

    The subject’s legs do not need to be widely parted. Having the feet apart about 18 to 24 inches is ample. It is usually best to perform this technique after a full body massage, especially if the two people involved are not intimate partners.

    A pillow or cushion or a rolled-up towel placed under the subject between the hip joints and the pubic bone can make access easier and a rolled-up towel placed under the ankles can ease any strain on the ankles during the massage.

    All movements should be slow and firm but sensitive to the subject’s responses. The object is to work on the edges of the bone around the pelvic floor opening rather than on any muscles. Use plenty of good quality massage oil and work from the pubic bone up and back toward the tailbone or coccyx.

    In the case of couples who are having intimate sexual relations with each other, there will usually be no problem with a male operator making contact with the subject’s vulva. In the case of a male working with a female subject with whom he is not having intimate sexual relations, there ought to be some discussion prior to commencing this work about whether or not the subject is comfortable with the male operator making actual physical contact with her vulva. If she is comfortable with the operator making that contact, well and good.

    If she is not comfortable with the operator making actual physical contact with her vulva, the operator should start adjacent the vulva. Once he has made firm contact with the subject’s skin adjacent her vulva, he may push the skin and the vulva slightly sideways to reach the centre of the pelvic floor opening before commencing the actual massage movements.

    (A question does come to mind here regarding the above paragraph. If a woman is not comfortable with having her vulva touched, or at least prepared to be open-minded enough to experience that contact to see if she can be comfortable with it, what is she doing in that situation in the first place. Having said that, I would also say that all of the women with whom I have used this technique have been carrying emotional pain of some sort to a greater or lesser degree. Being sensitive to and considerate of the subject’s feelings and wishes goes a LONG way to determining just how effective or otherwise such a treatment might be.)

    There is also the possibility that the subject may wish to go on to vulva massage, vaginal penetration and massage and perhaps even G-spot stimulation after the pelvic floor sculpting is complete. This should ideally be discussed as a possibility before the massage begins, even if the actual decision is left open until late in the massage. I do NOT recommend adding this step on a first treatment if there is any history of sexual trauma. One step at a time is good going for an injured person.

    With the subject in the position described in paragraphs 4 and 5 above and having ascertained that they are comfortable, both in their position and in their surroundings and/or environment, begin by using the tips of the index and second fingers to find the edge of the bone surrounding the pelvic floor opening at the bottom of the pubic bone adjacent to or actually in the middle of the vulva according to whatever choices may have been made prior to commencing. Working with firm yet sensitive pressure and slow movements, possibly moving in tiny circles or vibrating the fingertips on the bone edge, slowly work around the edge of the pelvic floor toward the coccyx.

    When you reach the gap between the pelvic bone and the coccyx, return to the starting position and repeat the process. This may be done 3 or 4 times – more if the subject wants it – on one side and then the whole process repeated on the other side. Finish off with very light, gentle, tender strokes to the whole area, possibly followed by holding one hand covering the pelvic floor area and the other on the back above where the heart would be.

    It is best if there is little or no conversation during this work as the subject needs to stay in their body and in the moment for the best results. How-wevver, it is permissible, indeed even encouraged, for the subject to speak up if the pressure being used by the operator is too heavy or too light or if the movements are too quick or too slow or if there is some other discomfort or other request. After all, the massage is for the subject’s benefit so she should be encouraged to ask for what she wants.

    It should be noted that when working with some subjects, some degree of sexual arousal may be experienced by one or both parties. This is normal and no reason to stop the massage or to be ashamed or any other negative emotion. If the subject becomes aroused, the operator may notice that the area immediately adjacent the vulva may feel noticeably more slippery than further away from the vulva. This is because some of the subject’s female lubricant has spread to this area and it is a much finer and more slippery lubricant than any massage oil I have ever found.

    Still on sexual arousal resulting from this technique, I have had one woman achieve an orgasm during this work and it appeared to be a mind-blower. She confirmed this appearance after the massage was completed.

    Any woman receiving this massage should be made aware that she has the final say in how far it goes or where it stops. If the massage is taking place in a non-clinical situation, she should also be made aware that she can ask for the massage to continue, assuming that the operator is agreeable. If orgasm is imminent and the subject wished to continue, I believe it would be foolish of the operator to stop at that juncture. (Maybe even suicidal. LOL.) If the massage IS taking place in a clinical situation, the possibility of orgasm and whether or not to continue to orgasm should be discussed before commencing and agreement reached on this topic. How-wevver, it is also the female’s prerogative to change her mind. After all, it IS her body that will or will not be pleasured.

    Additionally, as mentioned earlier, once the pelvic floor sculpting is complete, the subject is in a good position for the operator to insert a thumb into her vagina to locate and stimulate her G-spot, IF SHE WISHES. If the choice is made to proceed, I suggest inserting a thumb gently into the vagina while the subject is still face down, only to between the first and second knuckles. At this point, search for the G-spot on the front wall of the vagina, roughly under the ball of your thumb. When you have located the G-spot, begin slowly stimulating it by moving your thumb slightly in an in-and-out motion.

    For some women, it feels better if more pressure is used and the tissue immediately under your thumb is moved over the underlying tissues rather than simply rubbing over the surface tissue. This is a situation where feedback is pretty much vital unless the operator and subject already have this understanding. Even then, the subject may have different desires after the pelvic floor sculpting which very often works on emotional levels as well as the physical levels.

    I have never yet asked for payment for any of these massages that I have done. For me, it has been a privilege to work with these ladies who are open enough to themselves and their potential for pleasure that they will accept, indeed seek out, this work. I regard ALL the healing work that I do as helping to pay for my bed and board on Spaceship Earth and have NEVER charged for any of it.

    I hope you get rubbed up the RIGHT way by some-one who cares about your well-being.

    You have a wonderful day. Best wishes. Deas Plant.

    1. Hi Mr. Richard D. Plant… Thanks so much for sharing the information. All I wanna ask u as I being a complete layman with regard to the massage techniques is, can u please elaborate and demonstrate the above massage technique with pictures if possible with the strokes one can apply.
      Will appreciate a lot.

      Thanks n regards.
      Another inquisitive person.

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