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What’s The Difference Between Expanded Orgasm and the Deliberate Orgasms from Welcomed Consensus?

There are many names people use for the concept of using your hands to hold and stroke a woman’s genitals in a way that allows her to have multiple, stacked orgasms without clitoral fatigue.

My husband and I call it Expanded Orgasm or having a DO date (Deliberate Orgasm) and we also say it’s our OMing practice. (Orgasmic Meditation).

The manual stroking technique was created by a man named Victor Barranco at a place called More University or More House. The lineage began with Vic.

He had many disciples including:

  • RJ from the Welcomed Consensus calls it Extended Orgasm and a DO Date
  • Nicole Daedone from OneTaste calls it Orgasmic Meditation or OMing
  • Erwan Davon from The Pleasure Course teaches his version of Extended Massive Orgasms (EMO, coined by Steve and Vera Bodansky)
  • and Personal Life Media chose to partner with Dr. Patti Taylor and her Expanded Orgasm teachings

One of our followers asked us what the difference was between Expand Her Orgasm Tonight EHOT, Dr. Patti’s Expanded Orgasm training program and the  Welcomed course work. And how Expanded Orgasm compares to our other advanced sexual training program, Female Liquid Orgasm.

Both EHOT and FLO teach female orgasm techniques.

EHOT focuses on multiple clitoral orgasms that hold a woman in ever-expanded orgasmic pleasure.

FLO uses a blended approach, G-Spot (actually G-Area) with clitorial stimulation to help a woman ejaculate.

They work hand in hand <snigger.>

Once you know how to stroke for Expanded Orgasms, it’s easy to add the G-Area strokes to give a woman squirting orgasms too.

I asked Dr. Patti to weigh in about the difference between EHOT and Welcomed Consensus methods and here’s what she wrote:

As to WC… they teach Extended oPrgasm. As they do at More and in ESO, and EMO as well.

Not Expanded. They do not emphasize expanding the energy, grounding, spreading, etc… they are more “feel it in your clit and extend the duration”…

There is a lot I like about what they do – as I have said, extended orgasms are usually a form of expanded orgasm because most people will want to expand the energy as a part of extending it… it’s just about how you frame what you do in many instances… so they do ground and spread, they just don’t focus on that.

For example, Deliberate Orgasm… DO… is about being Deliberate… (mental)… and intention (have pleasure, responsible hedonism, etc)… and focus on feeling (usually in the clit), all good, of course…

Expanded Orgasm EO about expanding feelings genitally-sourced into mind, body, emotions, spirit, partner, world, and … beyond!

From Patti’s partner: Expanded Orgasm is orgasm expanded in both time and space and the characteristic that it can be experienced in space beyond biologic perimeters gives rise in many practitioners to these spiritual interpretations and our claim that EO is an authentic path to transcendent states of awareness. People often say that they enter states of communion with the Divine.

I know that when my husband and I are having an OMing session, it’s very much like meditation for both of us. As hubby taps into and rides my orgasmic energy, we are connected together, all thoughts fall away as we commune and connect intimately in a feeling way.

This might sound “trippy” to you, but it’s a truly beautiful, mind-clearing, grounding yet sensual way of connecting intimately to your lover.

And Dr. Patti’s 21 Erotic Play Dates slowly build on skill after skill required to take this magical journey together.

This is both my and my husbands meditation practice. Orgasmic Meditation, DOing, OMing, Expanded Orgasms, call it what you want. Just try it!

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