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20 Reasons to Practice ‘Expanded Orgasm’

DO Date Styling: Top View

(Like you need more than the best reason: It FEEEEEELS delicious!)

Practitioners of Expanded Orgasm took it up for some of these reasons:

  1. so she enjoys increasing peaks of multi-orgasmic sensation
  2. they wanted to use manual stimulation (either instead of or in addition to oral)
  3. for alternative pleasure during his erection constraints
  4. they wanted her to be in orgasmic bliss for 5, 15, 20, 30, 45 minutes long – yes, REALLY!
  5. they wanted to perform advanced sexual mastery skills
  6. they like the meditative part of the practice, the trance state they co-create
  7. he loved touching her for as long as possible and loved looking at her beautiful Yoni as it got more engorged
  8. the quality of her Yoni was exquisite for lovemaking after having an Expanded Orgasm “DO date”
  9. they love genital massage
  10. they love connecting energetically
  11. he loves that it’s really easy, he can do it for a long time with little effort
  12. it’s a “Small Offer” he can make that she’s more likely to say “yes” to than “having sex”
  13. it makes her genitals young and healthy from all the engorgement
  14. he likes how he can map out all the sweet spots in her Yoni
  15. genital stroking is a gateway to squirting
  16. he loves having permission to look at her Yoni for such a delicious length of time
  17. the stroking made her more comfortable allowing him to look at her genitals
  18. he loves the fine distinctions he can appreciate – colors, textures, slipperiness
  19. he appreciates the familiarity with her vagina, so when he are making love to her, he can aim his penis with just the right strokes and spots
  20. they love the opportunity to feel each other feeling each other

And those are just SOME of the reasons why couples love Expanded Orgasm.

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