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What’s a "DO Date?" What’s In It For The Man?

DO Date Styling: Top View

It’s an orgasmic pleasuring date.

A “deliberate orgasm” or “DO” date where you stroke her clitoris in a certain pattern and in a specific way that puts her into an orgasmic experience unlike anything she’s ever felt before.

And it can go on and on, if you stroke her just like Dr. Patti shows you… getting her wildly turned on and creating the best sex you’ve ever had.

Which Of These Speak To YOU?

  • Do you want a competitive advantage over other men?
  • Or do you want her to lust after you?
  • Or perhaps your woman is a little “shut down” or hard to satisfy?
  • Or you are an erotic master who makes it your life’s work to know every sexual technique out there?
  • Or do you just want to blow her mind?

Giving a woman this specific kind of extended, massive orgasmic session is the next thing you need to get up to speed on.

Once You’ve Ignited Her Multi-Orgasmic Nature With The Tip Of Your Finger…men, here’s what’s in it for you.

1) You get the satisfaction of making her moan and orgasm under the sweet ministrations of your hands.

2) She’ll be forever in appreciation of you for your sexual genius.

3) Her genitals will get fluffy and pillowy from the engorgement, making it all that much sweeter when you enter her with your member.

4) About 75% of the time after a DO date, she’ll want to escalate sexually to add oral or intercourse to your time together.

5) The personal authority you’ll feel by being one of the few men to be this sexually masterful and evolved will permeate your whole life positively and imbue you with confidence.

6) She will likely start asking you to touch her more and she will get more turned on by you, increasing your chances of having more quality sex with deeper intimacy.

7) You will become an energetic master – able to tap into her kinesthetic body and feeling sensations better than any other man – increasing your sensual connection to each other.

8) It’s an easy technique to learn and do. Just the tip of your fingers.

9) It’s a gateway to female ejaculatory and other expanded orgasmic sensations for her, which you get to experience when you “take her ride.”

10) When other women find out you know how to give Expanded Orgasms, you are likely to have a list of women who want you to stroke them. (booty calls!)

5 Responses

  1. where is the A spot located? I give nipple clit and g spot stimulation for as long as she can cum …all three stimulated at the same time would love to add the “A” spot…to make it a 4 way orgasm

    1. The A Spot is the Anterior Fornix. It’s located up inside her vaginal canal and there’s some confusion as to where exactly it is. Because every day is a new day, women like different strokes to match their body’s mood. Once she’s very lubricated (you can use an organic, natural oil like Avocado Oil) and engorged from your foreplay stimulation, you can start stroking deeply up inside her, beyond the G-Spot and see what she responds to.
      Don’t worry about the “perfect” spot, because it’s a moving target. Just stimulate and watch and listen for her feedback. Also, feel what feels good and sexy to you, and she’ll probably like that too.

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