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Hug, Kiss, Stroke Game: Intimate and Erotic Play Dates

Sometimes it’s just FUN to have a sensual play date with your lover where, instead of lovemaking in your typical style, you mix it up and play a game together.

Here are three fun games you can play that will not only deepen your intimacy, they will teach you more about each other, naturally expanding your future lovemaking possibilities.

The three games are:

Click on the above links to learn the second two games.

Hug, Kiss, Stroke (How Do You Like It?)

Everyone has a preferred style of being stroked, kissed and hugged. Do you know what YOUR preferences are? Do you know your lover’s proclivities?


Here’s an example:

I like it when my husband approaches me from my right side, hugs me low, around my waist and pulls me to him.

I don’t like it as much when he comes straight at me and hugs me. For some reason, it’s a little overwhelming for me. The side hug, to start, eases me into the connection, and lets me turn to him as I gain comfort at having him so close.

Now we’ve been married for twenty years and it took us 15 years to figure that out at a Tony Robbin’s conference called, Date With Destiny. Tony explained that everyone has their bubble and each of us likes others to approach that bubble from different perspectives.

Experiment and see – do you like it when your lover comes right up to you? Do you prefer the left side or right side approach. Does it bring you to your knees when he or she walks up behind you and hugs you from the back? Do you adore it when she sits on your lap sideways? When she straddles you, facing you?

Practice and see which are you favorite hug positions.

Same with kisses. What kind of kisses do you like best? I relish a kiss on the cheek from the side, not directly on my lips at first. It feels like I’m cherished, special, and it is less overtly sexual and more affectionate and loving at first, which warms me from the outside in, the way I like it — slowly.

Hubby likes it when I straddle him (naked preferably) while he’s sitting, and I plant big, sloppy wet kisses on him as I press my body into his. That’s his ultimate kiss, so I try to do that too him often. Because that brings him the most joy.


I love to sit sideways on my husband’s lap and have him hug me. Kind of like this:


What kind of stroking do you like? Angel kisses? Super soft strokes that tickle? Long, Swedish-massage style strokes? A wide variety of strokes? Fingernail light scratching strokes? Deep brush-like strokes? Pointy finger massage style strokes?  Different types of strokes on different parts of you? Is there a place you really crave stroking, like the inside of your arms? Or a place where tickle strokes are just too much, like on the inside of your thigh?

The pleasure of this exploratory game is to determine what kind of hugs, kisses and strokes your lover prefers, so you can focus on delivering to them what they like, rather than giving them what you like.

It would be so helpful for you to post some of your  Hug, Kiss, Stroke preferences below.

Oftentimes, it’s not until someone does something to us we find divine, or we see another couple doing something in a movie or on TV that we think, “Oooh!!! that looks delicious!”

Share your favorite strokes below for all of us to enjoy!

With love,

Sloane Fox

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3 Responses

  1. When I am kissed, I also love to be petted like a kitten, or maybe a jaguar. Depending…
    And I like space, so we can come together and fall apart, over and over, time and time again. Spaciousness… mmmm! Hot!

  2. What sends me in a tailspin?? It could begin like this: a hug from behind, hands low on my waist, pulling me close, molding our bodies together. He brushes my hair to the side to make room for lips. Perhaps He will tug on my hair, or not – it doesn’t matter, the process has begun! Little kisses, little nibbles, a bite maybe?

    The ultimate kiss is the one where He then turns me around to face Him, taking my face gently between both hands and with that faraway look in His eyes… He just presses in… slowly and softly… then I succumb with a whimper.

    I like it when He runs His hands down my face (like He is petting me?) and when He lightly scratches my back from neck/shoulders to tailbone.

    ahhhhhh sigh. what a sweet valentines day image!

    thanks for letting me share!

    1. Kate, I don’t think that the word tailspin is the right one for what you mean. But what I really want to say is that I think you’d be a good writer of erotica.

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