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Three Things I Love About You: Intimate and Erotic Play Dates

Sweet Couple Embracing Love


Three Things I Love About You is a game for couples that you can play anytime. We made it up and have been playing it for twenty years now (and even play it with our child.)

It’s simple and beautiful.

Anytime you ask your love for it, you get it.

“Darling, can you please tell me three things you love about me?”

And your darling replies.

The twist is, you can never say the same things twice.

Sound hard?

It’s not. It’s easy! Once you tune into your partner (Dr. Patti calls it Erotic Vigilance) you can find endless things you love about your partner.

I turned to hubby just now while writing this post and asked him, “Darling, can you please tell me three things you love about me.” He stopped what he was doing, thought for a second and said this:

“I love that you dress in sexy outfits for me when you are working.”


“I love that you gave me a really sweet massage last night – it was a super luscious treat.”


“I love that you love to learn how to give me more pleasure all the time; you take the time to learn the things I really appreciate, like massages and sexy outfits, instead of buying me some gift I don’t want. You take the time to figure me out.”


The beauty of this game is that it lasts a lifetime, can include your whole family, is great when you are feeling a little down and need a loving lift and it focuses you on all the delights of your intimate connection with your love.

I admit I ask about 10x more often than hubby does. I like to hear romantic communication frequently. It’s not as important to my man. He likes to touch more, I like auditory love more. That’s why, when I get up in the morning before I dress, I’ll often creep into his office and sit on his lap naked and give him a hug. That’s what he loves about me!

With love,
Sloane Fox




3 Responses

  1. Instinctively this has been a question of sincere curiousity between myself and my Bride for the past 30 years. I cannot say that nothing has ever been repeated, but the list is always current. As you have exampled touch vs auditory; it is reassurance for a guys who rarely experienced love in childhood from either parent to an Angel I aim to pleasure every odd day and any even day she may expres an interest. Today is the tenth and I have been invited to attend a shower with no obscuring curtain. Shouldn’t delay. Gotta go! Thanks for the formal concept of an instinctive approach for verification. I never ask for three – one reason alone is enough for me.

  2. I love it! What a fantastic idea! I’m going to start using it right away!

    Keep ’em coming!


    1. i like the idea and im gonna try it with my girlfriend by texting with her because she is in another country now but i think she will like it too

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