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Revive Her Drive: 4 Keys to Seduction

Seduce Her Tonight: Seduction Strategies for Getting Her to YES!

Dr. Patricia Taylor, creator of Expand Her Orgasm Tonight, Seduce Her Tonight: Sex Life
Strategies for Getting to Yes, Seduction Accelerator: The Most Turn-On and Hottest Sex
and Her Sexual Trainer: Unlock Her Most Intense Sensual Responses

Dr. Patti walks you confidently through the simple, repeatable magic steps to increasing
your woman’s arousal and helping her move into new, sexy experiences with you.

The master lover is an “arousal manager.”

First, understand the physiological basis of arousal – it’s tied to her anger, being shut down
or over-eating, amazingly. Then learn to take her from negative or neutral to aroused
with the Four Keys of Seduction: Small Offers, Erotic Vigilance, Vulnerability and Vision.
These keys move her from a stuck place to a wide-open sexual realm.

A woman wants four things from you:

Your presence
Your attention
To talk about feelings
To feel turn-on

When you are present to her, you can give her Small Offers, which create a string of
yeses that open her. When you put your attention on her you can use Erotic Vigilance.
When you are Vulnerable, you are talking about feelings. And when you provide Vision,
or sexual leadership, you help her feel turn-on.

The Four Keys to Seduction are tied to what she wants. Learn these simple techniques
and you will be ready to become Her Sexual Trainer. Soon, she will want you to lead her
into new realms of erotic sensation and connection.

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6 Responses

  1. This is the first audio I have listened to. I am only halfway through right now actually! Its interesting how I was 25% percent there about asking three questions. But I would only ask one and not often and definitely not trying to empathize with her. She works at least 11 hours a day on weekdays and I am disabled at the moment and am not able to work. She is always stressed and tired and I am starting to realize now I am not helping her like I should. I am going to try this tonight but am not going to expect sex from it because I just genuinely want her to feel good about herself and not be so stressed. Will let you know how it goes and now back to studying.

  2. Hey my name is Perin I’m one of your members so I think I understand what you say you are saying that pay attention to her and focus on what she wants and make her feel comfortable as a wife and all I have to do is see where she’s at and maybe pushing own little bit more please let me know if I’m right on bro

  3. Hi again, Same subject. I am the person who does not own any ithings.
    I have an Android Smartphone that will allow me to download off the web site direct to the phone which might work.
    However the log in password that works on my pc is rejected when trying from the mobile device. Message reads “Check your username and password for typo’s. We could not authenticate your credentials”.
    Btw, how come this section posts me as “Andrew” (nicely anonymous) but the personal info I gave on the forum is most of my email address?

  4. Hi I don’t know if this is the right place to ask a question but here goes anyway.
    I drive a lot and would like to burn the talks onto cd to listen in my car, its my only private time.
    Any advice on how would that be done?
    Ps I find this whole scenario absolutely tragic. The exact same situations and circumstances repeated across the globe means millions and millions of unhappy, unfulfilled relationships.
    My wife is the most sensitive and sensual woman I have ever come across and she is also the most physically self aware person I know.
    I once described my feelings to her as having the most awesome super car in the world locked in a garage. I used to have all the keys. Over the years the car keys went missing, then the garage keys. I peer in at the window and remember.

    1. Andrew – That is so well put… it brought tears to my eyes and it’s exactly why we created the course. We are here to help you!

      It’s easy to burn the mp3 files onto a CD using iTunes.

      First download the mp3 files. Each one is a little less than an hour so you will probably be able to get one interview per CD.

      Then add the mp3s to iTunes:

      Then make a playlist and burn it to the CD (even if it’s just a playlist of one track… iTunes only allows you to burn playlists):

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