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Revive Her Drive: Dance of Polarity

Tough & Tender: Polarity in the Dance of Seduction

Christian Hudson, creator of Unbreakable and The Fearless Experience runs The Social Man
organization, teaching men how to “be a 10.”

Polarity – the opposites – tough and tender, feminine masculine, are sometimes absent in
modern day attraction. In this segment, Christian is a fountain of techniques you can try
today to create more polarity in your interactions with women.

Learn how the male and female roles of penetration and surrender can easily be created
with contemporary women, who may start strong and empowered but want to melt into
your masculinity while still keeping their strength.

What are the causes of toughness in women and how can you generate more tenderness
with them? When you meet her, how can you disarm her in a way that creates instant
attraction? On a date, how can you bring polarity into the equation so she feels that pull of
masculinity and the reward of being in her femininity? In the bedroom, how can you flex
your man muscles (all of them, not just the one in the middle 😉 so she swoons and loves
the way you take charge? (You are going to LOVE this advice. Sexy!) And in a relationship,
how can you lose the “equality of friendship” and create a zesty, man/woman intensely
fiery love situation?

Want to feel like a man? Want to be the man your woman thinks is a Perfect 10? Listen to
this great advice from a sophisticated, experienced man who is living the dream.

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2 Responses

  1. This segment really doesn’t fit very well for the married man you have marketed this series for and who has let his wife establish too much masculine polarity i would rather.hear from someone who is married and made this work than someone who has been trying to bed a lot of women.

    1. That’s good feedback. There are a dozen experts in the Seduction Summit inside Revive Her Drive and another dozen experts in the Mastery Coaching Monthly Modules. So if Christian Hudson’s singles orientation doesn’t jibe with your needs, there are many others who you might relate to better. Have you listened yet to Sustaining Attraction with John Alanis and Alpha Masculinity with Carlos Xuma?

      Another excellent series is my Insights to Intimacy with Calle Zorro.

      If you have very specific questions about how to reverse your situation, please reply or send us an email and we’ll give you some specific ideas, OK?

      Thanks for posting your comment.
      We appreciate all feedback.


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