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Revive Her Drive: Masterful Lover Manifesto

The Hallmarks of A Masterful Lover

David Shade, America’s renegade sex expert and creator of Give Women Screaming Orgasms,
Hot Phone Sex and Select Women Wisely.

If you want to be a truly masterful lover, you will need to shore up five key areas of your life:

1) Yourself
2) Your Limiting Beliefs
3) The Women You Choose
4) Sexual Knowledge
5) Leadership Ability

Do you want “carefree, uninhibited, ruthlessly sexual experiences” without her having any
concern about being a “slut?”

In this double segment, David will walk you through every attribute of a masterful lover.
Command respect and hold empowering beliefs. Make certain you give the women in your life
the FOUR things they require to be seduced by you. Then entrain them to be sexually
responsive to you.

Learn how to select women wisely and then know what you need to do FIRST sexually, so
you can do your job, which is to oblige her need for really good sex.

David takes off the gloves and gives it to you. WHAM! He tells you in no uncertain
terms, what you are doing wrong; what you need to learn; the sexual techniques you must
know. And most importantly, how to be the leader she wants you to be so she can surrender
to her sexuality.

There has NEVER been an interview this good with David Shade.

He connects all the dots from a dozen years of deconstructing sexuality in minute detail,
turning into step-by-step directions you can follow. He tells you exactly what you need to
do to step up to be THAT MAN, who gets the good woman, and has what he calls “carefree,
uninhibited, ruthlessly sexual experiences” with her without her having any concern about
being a slut.

Want to be THAT man?

Oh yes you do.

And David tells you how.

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8 Responses

  1. I can assure you that many women would absolutely NOT appreciate being spoken to in the way David advises – being told what to do and when to do it… Saying that women are submissive and want to be spoken to like this so that then they don’t have to take responsibility for feeling like ‘a slut’ is rubbish. At least for any women with a shred of self confidence and the ability to make their own choices it is. Comparing a man being in a relationship with a woman to parenting a child is patronizing, no matter how well it is meant. I would also add that women’s orgasms aren’t ‘only’ mental. For both men and women there are mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects to orgasms. I thought David’s view on it to be very limited. No doubt David’s message will appeal to some, but I found it very disappointing overall and the glaring negatives took away from the few positives.

  2. It seemed obvious that some woman really messed David up at some point in the past. He seemed more mysoginistic than masculine. That whole thing about making the right “choice” in a woman, though important, seemed a little wrong somehow. As much as I love sex, it isn’t the number one aspect of a woman I’m looking for. What has really amazed me about this whole series is that I quickly lost focus on having more frequent, great sex and began understanding my wife at a deeper level, in turn loving her at a much deeper fulfilling level. It has real been amazing and I thank you for that Susan because oddly sex is no longer where my goals lie with my wife. I want the same connections that she does. When I started focusing on that and loving her in that way versus just hoping to get my rocks off… we have had mind-blowing sex 3 out of the last 5 nights. It is amazing… AMAZING! Best sex of our marriage. Again, thank you for this series. But, and here is the but, David’s removed that element completely and brought everything down to an animalistic level similar to these poor sods whinning on about hypergamy on the internet forums.

  3. Dearest Susan,
    I am short for time now but, David’s material I have been getting it for about several years in his letter’s, It has cleared up a lot of stuff and open me for some questions more. So I always thought that dirty talk was a guy saying baby I want to f ing you long and hard. But, after listen that is not it at all. I need some scripts to go by and yes my dad died and I have never had a man tell me these type of things to do with my woman.

  4. Yep this one was a bit of an effort to get through, he does have a very controlled monotone voice. But some great gems about being a more fulfilled man. 
    I did like the line “The husband cannot be the lover and the therapist”

  5. That was abnormal…. Half time I was trying to figure out is he kidding on me, or is this his spesific humor… Then i fall asleep… And then, when he started to talk about his phone sex voice and giggled… I shivered…out of fear… this all manifesto was about macho David Shade… Sorry guys, that is not for you, 🙂

  6. Almost done with Part 1 and wow, this guy just tells you straight up how to be a man, talk about owning your own crap dudes!

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