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Ejaculatory Stories: Sloane Fox Intimately Interviews Tallulah Sulis and 4 Women Who Squirt

Ejaculatory Stories: Sloane Fox Intimately Interviews Tallulah Sulis and 4 Women Who Squirt

As you may know, Tallulah Sulis is our “ejaculatory orgasmic expert,” teaching Female Liquid Orgasm.

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Today, the goodness just keeps <ahem> *flowing!*

I interviewed Tallulah and 5 of our squirtilicious girlfriends.

Ejaculatory Stories with 5 Squirters [Audio]

Here are some of their quotes from the recording:

“The obvious benefit is that the hotter he is for you the more hot awesome passionate wet sex you’re going to get out of him.”

“Just let your hair down and be animalistic.”

“I love getting messy. I love squirting all over my lovers. I think that just adds to the whole experience. You’re slipping and sliding over each other.”

“It turns our men on something fierce.”

“I’ve soaked through futons and all the way to the carpet.”

“This is the turning point for men doing laundry. Cheers all around on that one.

“I love soaking the bed and having to change the sheets. It makes me feel proud somehow that my body did this and that we’re having such incredible sex that it looks like someone spilled a big glass pitcher of water all over the bed. In fact, my current boyfriend, when I first ejaculated with him, you know what he said? He looked at the sheets and said, “Oh my god, it looks like a CSI crime scene in here.” We both laughed because he had never seen this before. There is a lot of liquid guys. Be prepared for a lot of liquid. It’s hot. For me this is tangible evidence on the sheets of my ecstasy and tangible proof that my body is filled with so much pleasure that I explode.”

“The first time I ever ejaculated I didn’t know what was going on and the man that I was with said, “Oh don’t worry, it’s not pee. Sometimes women just do that. It’s just another form of sexual release.” I thought, “Oh my gosh, to hear a man tell me that,” I just thought it was the coolest thing in the world and it made me love ejaculation and what I could do with my body.”

“For instance, guys will do all this g-spot training and they’ll think it’s way inside and they’ll be wiggling around their finger. I’m going, “That doesn’t feel very good.” “Mine is very close to the entrance.”

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Tomorrow I’m going to tell you about a brand new seduction strategy that will help your woman want you to help her squirt.

Note: Did you already listen to my Ejaculatory Story audio interview with Miel?

She’s a smart woman and so full of heart to share her intimate life with you, my dear, in hope that she’ll inspire and educate you to create powerful experiences for YOUR woman.

Susan Bratton

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  1. The audios do not load? It says file not found. I have attempted to load these audios a number of times over the last few weeks?

  2. Audios still not loading? It says “File not found? Still asking for help with no response from anyone yet? 🙁

    • Hi William, I am sorry you are still having trouble. I’ve sent email to you numerous times. I’m wondering if you have a computer virus? Call the office when you are at your computer and we’ll walk you through how to listen. 650 948-0500. If we’re not here, we’ll call you back.

      • This is the most amazing audio I have ever heard. Very helpful in so many ways wow. I am excited to meet women like you!!!

    • hi william.. here is the link. just copy and paste this link in internet explorer and you will be able to download it.

  3. Wow,that was GREAT.Not only was that entertaining but, I learned a lot out of this. Where do I meet women like this. Please… do things like this more often.

  4. Great, great stories! Thank you

  5. Oh you girls are so great. Laughing a lot listening to the stories :))
    Guys – encouraging her to make a crazy mess is a great thing. There is a ‘hygienization’ in society where ‘women are not supposed to make a mess’ and that is BS. It’s a taboo that is defeminizing and actually runs deep. But you can turn that around and it can add an extra “us vs them” dimension that makes you even closer, like you have a secret world of delight that bonds you even more. Tell her that you adore it and that you actually would love her to make a mess – and encourage her to let rip. She needs to feel that you enjoy and desire her full femininity and that you will not judge, dismiss or diminish her at her most intimate…. then she will be more able to trust and let go! If she is worried about it being pee and you are talking about it, you can encourage her to go for a pee right before, so she knows it can’t be pee because her bladder is empty! Or, you can also use the bathroom and even the kitchen sink and then it doesn’t even matter!! 😛 You can’t be afraid of it guys. And why would you? It is pure feminine lusciousness! Some of the hottest times me and my lady have had were when it got crazy where it “shouldn’t” have. Like in the car one time and we just went with it and it went ridiculously everywhere, mostly all over our clothes and we didn’t have another set…. oops… good times… 🙂
    Yes on the instructions thing – men like to have ‘reachable goals’, be open to it… Guys it is not an affront to your masculinity to be open to guidance. Enjoy it! I love being showed what to do, it is daring and can be super hot to describe and to hear the whispers of exactly what you really want…. I was ‘taught’ first by one woman who I had only met a couple of hours previously! She initiated a game of ‘tell me exactly what you want me to do to you’ and then ‘ok this is exactly what I want you to do to me’… I’m fairly sure she deliberately chose someone who she sensed would be receptive to a little guidance. I had already read about it so it was not like she was talking about something alien – and I think she was looking for that.
    That was a one-off, then (coincidentally or not?) my next girlfriend. It actually took several sessions of ‘daily practice’ before we were able to do it, but then once I got it, I was able to do it to her every time and got to the point where it would often only take a few seconds to start flying.
    The teacher thing – girls, remember. Men do not have a female body! Give him cues. Hollywood has given us this fantasy that there is ‘superman’ who will just magically appear and know everything about what to do. While that might be a nice fantasy, don’t let that give you unrealistic expectations, to the extent where you feel as though if you have to give any form of guidance, he is just no good. There are of however guys who are receptive and guys who aren’t…

  6. I so much enjoyed listening to you ladies about your squirting experiences.To talk about all your experiences as you had them was just mind blowing.I was getting such a hard on experience just listening to you gave me such a warm overwhelming feeling all over my body and also my penis.I was so imagining myself being with a woman making love to me and then squirting over me felt like it actually was happening to me while I was listening to you.I just wished that was actually happening to me.What an amazing experience I would be having she can wet my bed any day.

  7. Dear Tallulah & Girls,

    Thank you ever so much for such an awesome interview. I had a ball listening to your candid commentary, educational points, laughter and informal means to get thoughts across to your listeners. You ladies made this an unforgettable experience which I can only hope both genders take heed to your knowledge and wisdom. The crew made it fun and when you’re enjoying the ride, I believe you learn more.

    I am so glad you did this as a group, because it’s refreshing to hear a variety of open minded people sharing their world of sensuality AND sexuality. Odd as it may sound, it’s akin to a number of folks witnessing an accident, they’ve all seen something different.

    You and the clan not only brought out some wonderful points for the men, but also good advice for the girls and emphasized it sweetly. If you’re not a gal to express your body language freely, take the time to be open with your guy and tell him kindly what does or may work better/best for you, even if a hands-on tutorial is needed. I won’t stereotype and say all men are dullards or women are lifeless wet dishcloths, but I don’t believe many can read a mind. The “real” lover is open-minded and yes, it’s more than worth your effort. Take the time to share, the rewards are just around the corner

    Suffice it to say, this was more than eye-opening, it was very entertaining. I am looking forward to future conversations from you California girls.



    P.S. – Yeah, I’ve had some squirters, yet there’s always room to catch more valuable information. From this occasion new tips, tricks and exciting ideas have been gleaned. Oh, you best believe I’ll be sharing this recording with my girlfriend, then doing some further exploring on her horizon . . . hee hee.


  8. Hello, thank you for the audio it is very interesting, I want to tell him very brief my history, I thought myself during all my life a normal lover where the coitus with my ex wife lasted between 20/30 minutes, after my divorce 5 years ago I was lucky to know a woman esquirt and I since then cannot do the love with a woman who does not ejaculate, I do not live together with her since it lives in Russia and I in Barcelona but I can assure them that I am the happiest man of the world doing the love for 4 hours followed while she has hundreds of orgasms squirts, undoubtedly the better of my life, I am studying the technologies to make to ejaculate the woman but not always they are like that,Please some woman wants to know a lover specialized in the type of woman squirt, I do not find any in Barcelona and my desperation since it is my only drug and do not have it now,Only I can be the happy man making squirt happy to the multiorgasmic woman, I need it,thank you


  10. Great interview ladies and I thank you for baring your souls. I think a women squirting is the ultimate in a sexual encounter. Too many women are uptight about making a mess and to a lot of us men the messier the better. I personally I think doing the laundry after is a fair trade for the pleasure. Thank you all again.

  11. I love women who are free to explore new ways of having pleasure while fucking! I’d like my wife squirts as I have seen some horny ladies in videos, etc. Thanks to Mrs Talluha for helping women to be free on the bed and reach the best pleasure with a man.

  12. Ejaculatory Stories:::This was very informative and the ladies were so candid in their comments. My wife and I have been on a journey to more fulfilling physical enjoyment. I hope to share this audio file with her. It would be wonderful if you could have the same women share their first experience with squirting. did it happen by accident, was it planned, was it a mutually achieved event or did it happen spontaneously? This is wonderful information, Susan!

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