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Female Liquid Orgasm New Realtime Stroking Video Added

Female Liquid Orgasm New Realtime Stroking Video Added


Warning! Your eyes might bug out of your head… AHOOOGAH!!!

When you see this up-close stroking technique video that teaches you how to give any woman squirting Orgasms.

This training video is graphic, full frontal and up close, because Robert and Ripple are having a live stroking date while Tallulah narrates. That’s because we’re committed to doing what it takes for you to feel confident you can coax the ejaculate from your lover.

Don’t risk doing her all wrong – you must see these 7 new video segments.

This is hands down, the best teaching video ever created in the universe because it’s live, it’s narrated and it’s real time.

When Ripple ejaculates, it’s REAL.

No book, no “model” can show you – you can ONLY get the reality of a stroking date from video like this.

99 out of 100 people don’t ever figure out how to achieve this ultimate orgasm, because there’s never been an end-to-end video tutorial created like this.

We posted all 7 videos in the membership site for our flagship home study course on squirting, called Female Liquid Orgasm.

The New Videos Cover:

Video 1: Anatomy
Video 2: Warm Up
Video 3: Clitoral Stroking
Video 4: G-Spot Strokes
Video 5: Second Finger
Video 6: Free Form Squirting
Video 7: More Free Form Squirting

If you are serious about giving or receiving the ultimate female orgasm, it’s time to discover how easy and fun it is with FLO.

I’d like you to imagine how it would feel when you approach her with a sense of cock-sure confidence, because you have the techniques and the process that brings any woman to her most heightened orgasmic state possible — the ULTIMATE orgasm. And once she let’s you practice this new skill, she becomes a bit “addicted” to the feelings you’re creating for her.

So much so that you two experience what could only be called a sexual reawakening.

And I’d also like you to imagine having a total blast when you two have sex from now on… she’s prancing around the house in lingerie, begging for you to hurry and put your hands on her so she can totally surrender to the most amazing sensations and liquid release, from deep within.

Tallulah Sulis

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