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"Revive Her Drive" Introductory Offer – Press Announcement

"Revive Her Drive" Introductory Offer – Press Announcement

“Revive Her Drive” Home Study Course Shows Men How To Rekindle The Romance and Passion In Their Long-Term Relationship

81.7% Of Married Men Surveyed Are Frustrated, Dissatisfied And Want To Improve Their Sex Life

LOS ALTOS, CA July 26, 2011
– Personal Life Media, Inc., announces a new self-paced, online training program that gives men in relationship the tools they need to reawaken the passion within their sex life to enjoy more predictable, frequent lovemaking called, “Revive Her Drive.”

Based on the “4 Elements of Revival,” the program includes eBook instructions and audio interviews with a dozen experts on the exact steps to return to the way it was when a couple first got together, and then to take a couple’s intimacy to new, upward spirals of pleasure and connection.  This seduction process is equally effective at making strong relationships even more passionate.

The 4 Elements of Revival
Susan Bratton, the company’s CEO and creator of Revive Her Drive interviewed a dozen experts with diverse perspectives including an Erotic Rockstar, an ex-Navy relationship coach, an instructor in the Erotic Arts and a Doctor with PhD dissertation on expanded orgasm.

“My husband and I made our way back from a nearly platonic situation and we wanted to share this breakthrough process with every couple who senses there is more pleasure, more intimacy, more connection available to them, if they just have this simple 4-step plan,” says Susan Bratton, creator of Revive Her Drive.

After analyzing results from a sexual satisfaction survey of 776 men, conducting intimate one-on-one interviews with 40 coupled men and seeking advice from the dozen authorities who have helped three quarters of a million people in 69 countries around the world, we distilled the advice into four easy-to-follow guidelines — the “4 Elements of Revival.” When a man wants to foster more physical intimacy, four conditions must to be present to stimulate sexual chemistry again.

Four Elements Affect A Woman’s Level Of Sexual Interest In Her Man

1) Polarity, Trust and Surrender

She must feel he is masculine enough to hold her strong emotions and arousal to the point that she trusts him enough to surrender her body to him sensually.

2) Overcoming Resistance and Escalation

What are her resistance issues and how can he help her overcome them to enjoy ever increasingly satisfying sexual relations together?

3) Female Psychology Seduction Strategies

Focus on creating pleasure together in ways that biologically and psychologically appeal to her feminine and move her toward the erotic.

4) Female Anatomy and Advanced Sexual Mastery

Her confidence that he knows how to turn her on and escalate her arousal into multi-orgasmic satisfaction through his understanding of her body and it’s arousal systems.

She’ll Want You Again
A woman’s arousal begins in her heart and mind. Revive Her Drive teaches men the romance and seduction strategies to which women respond most quickly and appreciatively. The tools are based on what women biologically and emotionally crave, which is often elusive for men to puzzle out. Now any man can personalize his approach to suit the particulars of his situation, by cherry picking from the collection of romance, seduction and arousal techniques that bring pleasure back into their relationship.

Declining Love Chemicals
Many men suffer from anger and frustration that creeps in over time to the majority of long-term relationship and stems from frequent sexual rejection.

It’s not either partner’s fault.

This chasm is created by the natural, inevitable decline in Oxytocin, Vasopressin and other “Love Chemicals” that a woman requires to feel intimate. Revive Her Drive gives men positive psychological romance skills that overcome her body’s declining bonding hormones, so she can begin to feel more passion and arousal again for her man.

Can Be Accomplished Without Discussion
Because many couple’s sexual chemistry becomes strained, talking about the issues can be stressful, or even off limits.  A man who wants to rekindle his woman’s libido can begin by using the ten discussion-free actions women are most receptive to and value from the “Stealth Turn Around Tricks: Conflict-Free Approach” guide.

These female-friendly, positive psychology techniques include recommendations such as looking her in the eyes while claiming her, matching and mirroring her cues, learning to run her a menu of small offers, and rewarding her forward momentum with positive feedback loops.

Overcoming Resistance and Sexual Sticking Points
Many women experience resistance to physical intimacy that stems from exhaustion, body issues, cultural or societal shame, issues of abuse and other reasons. And there are specific actions recommended within Revive Her Drive a partner can take to ease, treat or overcome her issues with compassion and support so she can get back to enjoying her natural, human right to a thriving sensual life experience.

What the Experts Say
“When was the last time you both felt the pleasure of complete sexual connection – like a secret language that is both private and universal? Revive Her Drive is a doorway to lifetime fulfillment.” — Adam Gilad, creator of “Erotic Mastery,” “Ageless Attraction,” and “Attract, Connect, Inspire.”

“Women have a million reasons WHY they don’t want sex and the one simple solution for solving it is inside this program.” — Tallulah Sulis, renowned Sex Educator and Somatic Sexologist, creator of Female Liquid Orgasm, Keep Her Coming and Squirt Your Heart Out

“Take her PAST her pleasure limits, into ecstatic states she didn’t know she was capable of that create intimacy so intense she cries tears of joy afterward.”
— Alex Allman, author of “Revolutionary Sex,” and creator of the “Passionate Lover, Passionate Life” program.

“You can feel the care these experts have for men who want an abundance of quality sex. This turn-around process gets to the heart of what matters to women.”
— Karen Brody, Love and Intimacy Coach, creator of “Seduction Secrets 101,” and author of “The 7 Essential Keys to Seduce a Woman for a Night, or a Lifetime”

“Become a force of initiation again, so irresistible she’ll surrender to your masculine power and thank you for it.” — John Alanis, “The King of Let ‘Em Come To You” and creator of “Women Approach You.”

“Your win rate is about to go through the roof.  Discover how to make her the perfect sexual offer so she’s a resounding YES!”
— Dr. Patricia Taylor, author of the “Seduce Her Tonight,”  “Her Sexual Trainer,” and “Expand Her Orgasm Tonight.”

Special Introductory Offer
Effective today, the first 2,000 men who purchase Revive Her Drive can access the entire system for a special Introductory Offer of $97.

The Introductory Offer special buy button can only be accessed in the video presentation at  This flat-fee, lifetime buyout to access the Membership Site and Men’s Forum contains:

Main eBooks
Seduction Fast Path Guide
The Four Elements of Revival
Is Her Sex Drive Repairable?
Stealth Turn-Around Tricks
Relationship Values Workbook™

12 Core Audio Interviews and Transcript eBooks Solutions Anthologies
Sustaining Attraction – John Alanis                                Mistakes You’re Making [Audio]
Lifelong Passion – Alex Allman                                        Fear of Missing Out [Audio]
Sexual Sticking Points – David Van Arrick                     Seductive Sexuality [Audio]
Ejaculatory Choice – Destin Gerek                                   Overcoming Resistance [eBook]
Erotic Communication – Adam Gilad                              Surrender & Trust [eBook]
Dance of Polarity – Christian Hudson                             Marital Passion [eBook]
Masterful Lover Manifesto – David Shade
Erotic Adventures – Tallulah Sulis
4 Keys to Seduction – Dr. Patti Taylor
Seduction Integrity – Karen Brody
Alpha Masculinity – Carlos Xuma
Secret Arousal Maps – Sheri Winston

After the Introductory Offer ends, the program will be sold for a $97 initial fee, plus a monthly recurring rate of $17 for continued access to the online site, men’s forum and updated content.

About Personal Life Media
Personal Life Media ( is a lifestyle brand with twenty personal and professional growth online self-study courses. The membership sites offer “eBooks with benefits” content collections including, “The Seduction Trilogy,” “The Meaning Solution,” “Masterful Interviews,” andRevive Her Drive.” Personal Life Media is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California.

Personal Life Media is a trademark of Personal Life Media Inc. All other trademarks and trade names are the properties of their respective holders and are hereby acknowledged.


With Love,
Susan Bratton

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