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The #2 Thing That Made Our Marriage Off-The-Hook Hot n’ Juicy

The #2 Thing That Made Our Marriage Off-The-Hook Hot n’ Juicy

You’ve probably read my personal story of how Tim and I rekindled our intimacy and the process we used became the foundation for you to use that we featured in Revive Her Drive.

The first action we took that monumentally increased our intimacy, how we got along, our happiness within our relationship was in understanding each other’s “Relationship Values.” That’s why there’s both a workbook within in Revive Her Drive and a short audio tutorial about HOW this works you can listen to on this blog post.

The second most valuable thing we learned and started doing was a sensual massage practice together.

When we weren’t very intimate, this was a fantastic baby step to get us reconnected.

We do a specific practice, called Expanded Orgasm. (it’s the one we teach in our own online program, created for us by Dr. Patricia Taylor).

It’s a sensual, touching, couples meditation you can do together that includes “touching for rapture” and stroking techniques for her. (Yes, there’s a men’s version, but we’re taking here about reviving HER drive.)

It was such a cornerstone of our relationship turn-around that we had our teacher, Dr. Patti, create an online information product to teach it to any couple, anywhere in the world.

Click this to link to  get 3 free pleasure reports INCLUDING “Touch For Rapture” from Dr. Patti.

Click this link to read the Not-Suitable-For-Work list Sloane Fox wrote about her Expanded O practice.

20 Reasons to Practice ‘Expanded Orgasm’

(Like you need more than the best reason: It FEEEEEELS delicious!)

Reasons you should consider trying Expanded Orgasm together if your sex life is not as deeply connected and multi-orgasmic as you’d like:

So she enjoys increasing, multiple peaks of intimate sensation
You like manual stimulation (either instead of or in addition to oral)
For alternative pleasure options if there are male erectile constraints
To be in bliss together for 5, 15, 20, 30, 45 minutes long – yes, REALLY!
To enjoy advanced sensual mastery skills together as a lifetime practice that keeps improving
To chill out and calm down and reconnect and enjoy the meditative part of the practice, the trance state you co-create by touching and connecting together in massage
For touching and enjoying the visual experience of seeing her beautiful flower blossom
You love massage in general, and sensual massage is even better
You want to learn how to connect energetically
You loves that it’s really easy, he can do it for a long time with little effort and it gets easier and more pleasurable for her as her body gets trained to feel the sensations
It’s a “Small Offer” he can make that she’s more likely to say “yes” to than “having sex”
It makes her genitals young and healthy from all the engorgement
He likes how he can map out all the sweet spots in her Yoni
Genital stroking is a gateway to other kinds of full body and liquid releases
He appreciates the familiarity with her girly parts, so when he is making love to her, he can aim his member with even more specific, pleasurable strokes and hit her sweet spots even better
They love the opportunity to feel each other feeling each other

And those are just SOME of the reasons why couples love Expanded Orgasm.

In Dr. Patti’s 21-day program for partners, she teaches you, step by step, how to have this experience in your lives because each day, or each date, over 21 dates, you get to teach each other how to do this together.

You are training her body to feel, training your body to feel what she’s feeling, you’re learning the stroke patterns. You are setting your loverspace.

There’s just a beautiful process to the whole learning experience where Dr. Patti removes any pressure and creates a sweet set of romantic, soulful, body and heart-connecting fun experiences that move you together toward proficiency.

Even after 5 years, we do this practice 3-5 times per week on average (some weeks not at all if we’re busy, sometimes every day on vacation).

It made our lovemaking better overall. Made me more sensual. Connected us deeply. Got us really feeling each other in a conjoined trance state that clears our minds of all the world’s cares and lets us just love each other and find pleasure together.

If you want to do ONE THING that moves your woman back into her sensual self, Expanded Orgasm is IT!

With Love,
Susan Bratton

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