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"The best place to meet a lover EVER in the history of the world."

If you wanted to find a woman who is guaranteed to like sex, you’d find her at the first ever, Orgasmic Pop Up Store.


What’s a “Pop Up” store?

OK, let me break this down for you before you start breaking down doors to get there. <grin>

A Pop Up store is an emerging retail trend to leverage empty space by creating a temporary store. Like during the Holidays when there’s a store in a mall that just does gift wrap?

Well, Nicole Daedone (another friend of ours – don’t we know THE BEST CHICKS?) teaches Orgasmic Meditation at her training facilities in NY and SF.

She had the opportunity to open a store she calls, “Orgasm Is…” in SF for a month.

Here’s a video of Susan interviewing Nicole at the store.

What will we crazy coots in San Francisco think of next?

Wanna go? 211 Sutter St. SF. Until July 18th.

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