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Customer Appreciation for the Insider’s Club Event

Susan and Tim's Successful Partnership

First of all,  Tim and I want to thank you
very much for being part of our big Insider’s
Club event we are finishing up tonight.

It’s heart-warming that so many new customers
have entrusted us with such a deeply personal
issue as your intimate life.

It’s hard to know who to trust on the Internet.

That so many of you have tried our programs
and sent sweet emails is a testament to…

your belief in yourself that you have the
power to create the life you want…

and the trust that others have gone before you
and are  pleased to light the way.

Our mission is:

To help couples go from where ever you are now…

To a soul-satisfying, physically and emotionally

intimate togetherness that just keeps getting better.

We feel a tremendous amount of appreciation for
for our partners who introduced us to you via
email so that you might get to know Tim and I
and learn about this mission of ours.

I also want to thank Tim and Paddy for keeping the
systems running beautifully with the thousands
and thousands of visitors and chats, emails, webinars
and phone calls we’ve fielded during our big sale.

You will start to get communications
from me a couple times a week with helpful
information about romance, seduction, lifelong
passion, sexual mastery, sensual communication…

The sale will be over tonight and I will be
sending you some amazing insights – without
talking about the sale – starting tomorrow.

If there’s any reason you are still wondering
if Revive Her Drive can help your particular
situation, we encourage you to ask us.

Sometimes it’s hard to admit that you’re
unhappy with what you have. It just makes
your desire for intimacy that much more

And then it’s hard to believe that anyone
could have a solution to the unique
situation you’re struggling with in the
form of eBooks and audio interviews.

To that I say, read what Donald and Charles
had to tell to me just this morning:

I am finding Revive Drive very good so far.

The stuff about focussing on sensual not

sexual and being more masculine has changed

my outlook already. – Donald

The biggest message is so far, to let go the

frustration and refind romancing, taking off

any pressure, and learn to start anew.

I’m on my 3rd interview and David van Arrick’s

‘Mirroring’ was new to me and I’m very keen to

try this. Plenty more learning yet I am sure!– Charles

I’d love to have your story to add to the many
men who feel a new lease on life because they
have some ideas, a 4-step plan to customize.

Why go it alone?

We will be here when ever you are ready.

Until then, thank you to everyone for being
so gracious, kind and supportive.

We look forward to supporting you too.

With Love,
Tim Bratton and Susan Bratton

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