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Tantric Sex Secrets Free eBook

Hi Tantric Lover.

Survey says….

Over sixty percent of you consider yourself a novice at Tantric Lovemaking.

WHAT IS Tantric sex?

There are a million ways to describe Tantric Sex but basically, it’s a way of making love where you are very present with your partner.

You stay connected to her throughout the experience, which often includes breathing techniques and eye contact. (women LOVE eye contact)

I have a little eBook for you to learn more from my friend, Adam Gilad of

FREE “Tantric Sex Secrets” Special Report:

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Discover 8 non-traditional sex strategies that arouse sensual desire in your woman.

One of the most famous Tantric positions is YabYum, in which your woman sits on your lap facing you and you breathe together and look into each others’ eyes.

Your lingham (common Tantric word for a men’s “member”) can be inside her Yoni (common Tantric word for a woman’s genitals) during this YabYum sex position.

Feel free to take a copy of my friend Adam’s eBook to learn more.

Adam will require you to give him your email address to get the free report. Don’t be afraid. He’s a personal friend of ours, totally trust worthy and committed to supporting your growth. And you can unsubscribe from his Tantric Lovemaking email list anytime it’s not completely serving your needs.

Tomorrow we have ANOTHER Free eBook with tons more ideas and tips.

To Your YabYumminess,
Sloane Fox

P.S. The White Tiger Tantra DVD’s are based on Taoist practices. I really love these ejaculatory orgasm massage techniques for opens a woman’s whole body to the possiblity of the squirting orgasm.

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Taoism is Chinese, Tantra is Indian in origin and they are similar sexual practices for lovemaking and immortality.

I know having great sex makes ME feel younger and more vital.

How about you?

Want to get more lovemaking tips? Download our FREE eBook below!

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