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The Slippery Slope from Romance To Sex Is Like Building A Fire

The Slippery Slope from Romance To Sex Is Like Building A Fire

Here’s a great question from Randall from yesterday’s email about the Lazy Man’s way to rekindle your woman’s interest in having more sex, more variety or even just having SOME sex with you again.

“Hi Susan,
How do you get her to respond when you do all these little thing and not ask for anything in return and still the answer you get is “no” or “maybe” but then still no action? Even when she says she wants all these romantic things?” — Randall

Randall (and everyone),
For this pleasure, romance, seduction, sex “slippery slope” concept that I lay out in Revive Her Drive to work, you have to be willing to put in a LOT before you see the results out the other end.

Now don’t get discouraged, just consider this analogy and you’ll see the big picture of what you’re doing here to turn her back on again, or even for the first time.

You want a hot woman, burning with love for you.

Yet, her fire is burned out or barely warming you right now.

Have you ever built a fire? It’s not easy, but mmmm…. it’s worth the effort.

Were you ever a boy scout?

Remember how how long it takes to rub those sticks together to get a spark?

Then you have to blow carefully on a little nest of tinder once you’ve gotten a spark to catch.

Next you put small chips of wood on.

Then bigger and bigger pieces of wood and then logs.

Until you have a hot, burning fire.

And you have to blow on it, oxygenate that fire.

Add more wood.

Spread the coals.

If you want heat, you gotta tend the fire.

That’s what you’re doing here.

Same thing to “revive her drive.”

First, pleasure.
You wake her back up to you.
You put your attention on her in ways she finds exciting and romantic (like in yesterday’s Lazy Man’s email).

Then romance her. Start with the Stealth Tricks.

Then stroking her sensually, but not sexually.
Listen to Sheri Winston’s “Zone Theory” in Secret Maps to Buried Pleasure audio or eBook.

Then start seducing her.
(Choose your favorite ideas from any and all of the interviews and ebooks with the various experts, especially Erotic Communication and Erotic Adventure modules)


You’ll know when she’s hot again.

Until then, just start rubbing and blowing by romancing her and petting her and looking her in the eyes and having fun with her.

It’ll happen.

Oh, and don’t forget to ENJOY yourself, for goodness sake!

I’m here for you.


Well said. Nice metaphor.

I love the concept of a fire (when the matches have been lost, or hidden 🙂 that takes time to find the kindle, prepare it, assemble the parts, taking time the work your magic.

Eventually you get your warmth and once the fire’s caught on….it spreads uncontrollably!


I’ll keep this image in mind.

— G

With Love,
Susan Bratton

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  1. Wonderful lesson, i just have to be more patient in rekindling the fire………hmmmm, i will surely move with that.

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