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A Man Gives His Woman His Vitality With His Semen

A Man Gives His Woman His Vitality With His Semen

Usually my wife felt like I was one of her action items she wanted to quickly get off her checklist of to do’s before bedtime.

As though I needed some handout to be happy.

And she was right which was sad, but that’s changed.

Once I realized I was getting a handout, I changed the tables.

Here is an interesting concept for you to plant in men’s minds.

Since many men in the “needy” mindset are still getting fulfilled from their wives, they lost site of the actual fact that they are the ones giving.

Literally, a man is giving a woman his vitality, or life creating energy.  (semen for short 🙂  – studies have shown that when a woman absorbs a mans fluids through her vaginal wall it acts as a natural anti-depressant.

And for men to discharge this vital life force takes a lot of energy and toll on the body.

So really the man is the giver in that sense – though beautiful for both, to help men realize they are actually giving vs. feeling needy, maybe this little crutch or visual that hits home to men may have a place in your teachings?


Thank you, John.

I read this book recently ==>

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It’s a female Taoist lineage dating from the 1600’s.

They believe that fellating men for their ejaculate is the key to immortality.

It is a fascinating read and underscores the rejuvenating qualities of semen as well as the value of more adolescent sexual behaviors for keeping one vital.

With Love,
Susan Bratton


  1. Tell that to my wife,she doesn’t believe what she reads

    • I’m with you Rich ,tell to my wife

  2. I agree…I tell my man when I need an infusion of his strength. It feels like he gives me the fortitude to encounter the daily challenges in life and I go back for more every chance we get! If life gets busy for both of us, a definite need for him surfaces and nags until he gives me more!

  3. Comment yes it s realy i have the chance to practice that , wich is named sex king fu .

  4. Women don’t ever believe or want any of that, despite all the evidence you can present

  5. I think many women are a product of our upbringing, our parents generation (I’m a baby boomer) was pretty chaste. I got very little information from my parents and had to wait until I was over 50 before having the courage to read and learn more. WOW!!! – I’ve missed out on so much giving and receiving of pleasure. I am so happy that more info is available, and Susan you started it all for me!

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