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How To Make Her Receptive To Your Offers

How To Make Her Receptive To Your Offers

If you want to expand the amount of sex you
have and also increase the variety of things
you do together, but hit a roadblock in that
your woman is hesitant to try new things…

Here’s how to discover what your woman might
like sexually and how you can figure it out
FOR HER in case she’s afraid or not sure

And, as you’re leading her into her sensuality,
you’ll be pleased to know that as a woman
becomes more and more turned-on, her tastes
and desires evolve.

She might start off with a small range of
positions or styles of lovemaking in her
comfort zone and you can expand this.

Also, for many of the men working through the
Revive Her Drive process, they are dealing
with a partner who is very CONTROLLING about
their sex life. (This is often due to earlier
abuse or limited sexual experience and can
be improved by listening to the Overcoming
and Sexual Sticking Points

And as you begin to open her up to her sensual
self, she’ll soon want more.

Once she’s used to your pleasurable strokes,
her body will crave those feelings you give her.

Here are the first things you must give her
to get her on the path to opening up to you.

Your woman wants four things from you:

Your presence

Your attention

To talk about feelings


To feel turn-on and arousal
(even if she acts like she doesn’t, if
she could get over her barriers, in a
perfect world, yes, she would want this)

When you are present to her, you can give her
Small Offers that she’ll likely accept so you
can begin to escalate the small offers to
big offers (like having sex, that’s a
HUGE offer from a woman’s perspective)

When you put your attention on her you use
Erotic Vigilance.

When you are Vulnerable, you are talking
about feelings.

And when you provide Vision, or sexual
leadership, you help her feel turn-on.

Those are the Four Keys to Seduction, from
Dr. Patti Taylor.

Patti is featured in Revive Her Drive.

The 4 Keys to Seduction:
Small Offers
Erotic Vigilance

This easy-to-learn and easy-to-use model will
dial in your communication with your lover
such that she’s actually excited to hear what
fun you have in mind.

Your woman becomes receptive to your offers.

What could your sex life be like if she
became excited to get offers from you?

Here’s an excerpt from my interview with Dr.
Patti Taylor from Revive Her Drive where
Patti explains, “Vision.”

Vision is sort of the eagle’s eye view. A
master seducer has practiced sensing where
his woman is at right now – is she on the
rocks, is she in fight, freeze or flight

If she’s negative, you bring her up.

If she’s good or neutral, you’ll make her a
different set of offers.


As you pay attention to her moods, you will
know exactly what menu to run, what offer to

Note: Specific examples are given in the
Seduction Trilogy if you want to know more
about how to apply the 4 Keys to Seduction
beyond what Patti explains in Revive Her

Men who have Vision, have a good sense of
what’s going to light her up, what’s going to
bring a smile to her face. And they know how
to rebound if they don’t get the response
they hoped for.

Men with Vision have it mapped out.

These guys are so confident and I’ve taught a
lot of men how to do this and they come back
to me and they go, “I don’t even remember
what I used to do before I had this model in
my head. I honestly don’t.”

You just begin to look at the whole seduction
process in these terms and your hit rate,
your win rate – win being a turned-on woman
whose going into pleasure and taking you with
her so you both have an amazing time – it
goes through the roof.

You have to think of yourself as the master
seducer, as a biofeedback pleasure-seeking

With Vision, you can see where, on a scale of
one to ten, she is and follow that.


If she really enjoyed it, just go on to the
next offer, and that’s what Vision does, it
shows you the kind of offer to make next.”

Learn these simple techniques and you will be
ready to become Her Sexual Trainer.

Soon, she will want you to lead her into new
realms of erotic sensation and connection.

Until then, think about the Vision you have
for your woman, and the turn-on YOU can feel
from her pleasure.

Feel Her Pleasure.

With Love,
Susan Bratton

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  1. Everything I read from you and your three teachers excites me with new ideas to love Aliona.
    In edtion many of what I already do in loving a woman is confirmed.

    Sending small & juicy offers by email does not get immediate response. But I am confident that they warm her heart and her body.

    I am grateful to you Susan for enabling me to love my life fully.

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