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How Can My Boyfriend Orgasm More Than Once Every 24 Hours? [Mailbag]

How Can My Boyfriend Orgasm More Than Once Every 24 Hours? [Mailbag]

Question: [Mailbag]

My boyfriend and myself are in our late 60’s and we still have a very active sex life. Sometimes we do it 4 or 5 times a night. I can orgasm over and over, with no trouble. Our problem is my boyfriend. He gets plenty of erections, but can only orgasm once in a twenty four hour period. Is there something that can be done to help him. He tries to orgasm more often, but he just can’t make it.
Thank You.
– Brenda

Answers: (From two of the Revive Her Drive experts)

Destin Gerek and the Ejaculatory Choice Module

Destin is the creator of Orgasmic Mastery for Men.

Destin’s Reply:

First of all, I think that it’s wonderful that you have such a passionate sex life with your boyfriend, Brenda. The two of you are a testament to the fact that sexual exploration can continue to expand throughout our entire lives.

After a man has an ejaculatory orgasm he usually has what is known as a ‘refractory period‘, during which time he won’t be able to have another ejaculatory orgasm.

This refractory period may last minutes, hours, or for some, even days. Generally speaking, a man’s refractory periods get longer as he ages.

If, however, your boyfriend learns to experience true Orgasmic Mastery, he will be able to experience Non-Ejaculatory Orgasms. Without ejaculating, he’ll be able to experience an orgasm, and still be able to have another orgasm, in effect experiencing Male Multiple Orgasms.

This is the very thing that the Orgasmic Mastery course is designed to teach men.

Once he learns how to connect to his erotic energy and move that energy through his body, rather than just out his cock, he’ll be able to join you in having multiple orgasms throughout the night.

For a limited time, I am offering Revive Her Drive members a $100 discount off of this unique, powerful 12-week course. To receive this discount simply use the following coupon code on the registration page: Orgasmic Mastery

Yours in Orgasmic Mastery,

David Van Arrick and the Sexual Sticking Points Module

David is the creator of Forever Man.

From David Van Arrick:

It sounds like the gentleman in question has multiple things going on. Dietary changes may not be the only thing he needs. Its obvious he has good cardio judging from the frequency of sexual activity so I will assume he is okay there.

(By the way, Nothing in this email should be construed as a medical opinion, diagnosis or prescription. Always consult your physician before beginning any course of treatment.)

The next thing I would look at is his liver meridian. Usually an inability to Climax even with an erection is due to an imbalance in the liver meridian. I’d have your couple start by massaging the liver meridian on a pretty regular basis. Also consider supplementing with Horny Goat Weed aka Yin Yang Huo in the Chinese pharmacopia.

Avoid buying over the counter versions. Go Directly to a Chinese herbalist who can properly mix a formula that best matches the patients symptoms and constitution.

Inability to climax is usually an indication of stagnation. But the stagnation can be deficient or excessive and that’s why you need a properly trained Chinese herbalist to create a custom formula for him.

Hope that helps you.


Your Loyal Friend and Sex Coach

David Van Arrick

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Woman Screaming Orgasms and
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During Sex!

With Love,
Susan Bratton

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  1. This was very helpful as I too have had the problem. Thank you for this information.


    • Hi Salah,
      Thank you very much for the comment.
      However two questions:
      1. I would like to know how do you prepare the Fish-Eggs. Do you cook them or what ?
      2. Have even fond any Method to enlarge the penis.
      In Advance, thanks.

  3. Herbal remedies and massage can be beneficial to nearly everyone, in any state of health. But let’s look into the possibility that Brenda here, actually has no problem to address. Brenda is obviously tuned into her sexuality, as she is very active and is multi-orgasmic. Her man is apparently in very good health as he is able to maintain a useable erection for a long enough to get his woman off several times. I am surprised that the responding authors are frantically recommending practices and remedies that are really not necessary, and if not applied correctly can cause discomfort at best, and at worst, physical injury. Ancient Chinese teachings recommend that each man find the frequency of ejaculation that best suits his state of health. I can say from experience, that depending on my physical health, work schedule, state of mind, season, relationship status, etc., that my optimal frequency of ejaculation has ranged from three to five times a day to once every two weeks or so. Right now, at 57 years young, I feel best with about one a day. You can tell if you need more because the pressure begins to build in the prostate. If you need fewer ejaculations, you will feel tired and drained after the release of your Ching. You will know when you have the correct frequency when you feel light and energized after sex, and feel you could have more if you wanted to. Please, dear readers, be aware that any kind of ejaculation control or inhibition, if not practiced correctly and accompanied by the appropriate strengthening exercises, can easily result in very painful retrograde ejaculations, possibly leading to infection or injury of delicate glandular tissue. Although nearly all of the ancient Eastern teachings and practices can be applied pretty much universally, getting a man who has lived with a Western lifestyle and diet for over six decades to practice the ways of a Tibetan Monk could prove to actually be stressful and counterproductive. So, in conclusion, Miss Brenda, be happy with the fact that you have a good juicy, vital connection with your boyfriend, and be thankful that at his age he can get it up at all without pharmaceutical or mechanical assistance. In fact, you may want to share your secrets with our readers, as it sounds like you have a lot more good stuff going on than most people half your age. If you are really craving more vital juices and your lover is just not providing enough, there are several simple, quick and sure fire ways to improve that situation. The most simple, but possibly frustrating for you, Brenda, is to wait several days between lovemaking sessions. Another simple method, which may be less frustrating is to simply extend the time of foreplay in which the man maintains at least a partial erection. This alone will increase the production of a man’s sexual fluids. Another one of the more mainstream solutions is to try one of the many herbal blends designed to increase semen production. Anything containing Horny Goat Weed, may help. I prefer a daily decoction of Yohimbe and a few other common herbs to maintain my sexual energy. There are two more solutions that work quickly and are 100% effective, but are not for everyone. They require an open mind and a very open heart. According to recent multi-million dollar research, the most reliable way for a man to instantly raise his Testosterone level through the roof, is to get some strange. That’s right, sleep with another woman. And the obverse is also true, if a women is just not getting enough from one man, get another man involved. Always accompany any kind of treatment plan with plenty of open and honest communication. You will be surprised at what kind of practical and expedient solutions you can come up with by simply getting naked and talking it over.

  4. I am 66 now, and my wife is younger at 44. We get into bed about 2 times a week. But we are not satisfied as we both want more sex. My problem is that I can not get it up 2nd time unless about 2 hours have passed after the release. This is too much waiting time. She needs one after the another i.e. it is okay to wait 10 – 15 minutes but not more. She is willing to do anything for that like stroking, kissiing, hugging, mouthing etc. But I sort of can’t cope up get ready so soon. Is there any solution? BTW, I take one tablet of Telsartan-20 daily for BP control. There are no other medical conditions in her and me.

  5. it must be concern with his fuck in his mind with your if your stimulated on what he want , it will achieve your ways

  6. All lovely angles on the situation, with some good ideas. My view is probably closest to Marty’s. The boyfriend is in his 60s, he’s apparently healthy, and he’s erect whenever she wants it. Being able to ejaculate during normal sex once a day is NOT a bad thing! Lots of men over 60 wish they could have erections and penetrative sex with their woman every day and can’t. My advice? Feel free to try the suggestions, but don’t stress over it. Enjoy what you DO have!
    Jaggie, expecting two-hour refraction times is not realistic in your 60s. 20s, maybe. Seriously.
    My suggestion, Jaggie, is to take your time and caress and kiss and suckle and give her oral sex for at least her first two orgasms, and only use your erection for AFTER that. Finish with a bang, don’t fire your load at the outset. It’s a finite resource, dude, use it wisely.

  7. Hi Dear I m in 60s & my partner is I mid 50s we both wants to sex but she is not interested in too much so Ialso have erection problem so we both can’t enjoy sex nicely Advice something to solve this

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