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Male Ejaculatory Choice and Full Body Multiple Orgasm

Male Ejaculatory Choice and Full Body Multiple Orgasm

There’s nothing better for a woman than a man who can keep delivering exactly the sensations and strokes she needs to stay in her orgasmic bliss during intercourse.

Staying power.

Without slowing down or stopping to regain control.  Without flagging. And while staying totally present to the experience.

My friend, Destin Gerek, created a program FOR MEN to have choice about WHEN you ejaculate during lovemaking called:

“Orgasmic Mastery”

It’s a 12 week video series that shows you how to have:

  • Ejaculatory Choice
  • Male Multiple Orgasm
  • Full Body Orgasms
  • and how to Separate Orgasm from Ejaculation

If you use this link and this promo code you will save $100 off Orgasmic Mastery.

Code 9B7B1CE

I truly believe in Destin’s program and in his depth of experience and knowledge.

I featured Destin in one of the modules of Revive Her Drive too.  You may be familiar with him already.  That was the module where we moaned and groaned to show guys how to be more vocal during lovemaking. Did it crack you up while giving you great ideas?

Orgasmic choice takes practice, but it’s FUN practice and your woman will appreciate your skill.

If you try this, let me know how you do.

With Love,
Susan Bratton

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