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Avocado Oil Makes The Best Vaginal Lubrication


Ever since I had my hysterectomy I have had a problem with lubrication.  Hormone replacement has helped with me getting wet inside.  The problem is that the outer area stays dry and it makes penetration and sometimes just touching a bit uncomfortable.  Lubricants help some.  What else can I do? — Alexandra

Easy Answer:

I recommend Avocado Oil.

It’s a protein-rich moisturizing oil high in Vitamins A and E. It just feels wonderful as compared to other natural oils like grapeseed or coconut and is vastly superior to processed, chemical-based sexual lubricants.

Keep two on hand – one that’s light and has a smooth glide and another that’s more viscous and “holds” better during the friction of intercourse.

Not only will you be nourishing your genitals with natural oil, it feels wonderful and it’s completely edible. You can go from intercourse to oral sex with a quick wipe of a towel or reapplication.

I’ve tried MANY avocado oils and the thinner one I recommend is this:

<click image for details>

The thicker one I recommend is this:

<click image for details>

Try the thick one for intercourse, the thin one for warm up stroking.

Please also use Polyurethene condoms, not latex, if you’re using these natural oils.

Latex breaks down by some oils and can create holes in the condom that can let in STD’s and let out ejaculate. Be Safe!!!

With Love,
Susan Bratton

11 Responses

  1. the links to the two avocado oils have disappeared. Please can you tell me what the brands are that you recommended? thanks

    1. Hi John,

      Hobe is the one I like the best.

      And… I just tested the links and they worked for me. Can you contact support and see if they can help debug the issue for you?

  2. What is a good alternative to the advocado oils? See, I am highly allergic to eating anything that contains even a hint of advocados! No way do I plan to smear it on my hands or on my penis to see if I would be allergic there also. Help?

  3. Susan,

    I’ve gotten the “thin” one you recommend. However, the thicker one is not available. Do you have an alternative source?

    I’ve picked up some avocado oil from Whole Foods, Inc. before and it was green, stained the sheets, and was nasty.

    The thin one you recommended is nice…but I’d also like to get the thick one.


  4. Don’t these food oils contain sugars and promote yeast infections? Bladder infections have plagued us for decades and now with revive …we are back at square one with my wife’s bladder infections, despite much more fastidious hygiene than we practiced in the early years. What is the best lubricant? The water based ones seem to get sticky very quickly. We ar bot 66, but having a great time with this new found reawakening.

    1. Hi Polotka,
      Thanks for asking about the potential for sugars in food oils to cause yeast infections.

      There are no research programs funded to answer this question, so you have to use trial and error.

      One of the reasons I don’t personally recommend organic coconut oil, is that I’ve found it to be “sweet” and not great for the balance in my body.

      Organic Avocado Oil, on the other hand, seems to be perfect with my particular physiology. I suggest you two try a small bottle. For $10 bucks it’s worth seeing if your wife responds well to it, like I do.

      I have also suffered with bladder infections over the years and found a home remedy that really works well.

      It’s a combination of black coffee and water with baking soda and if I feel a UTI (interstitial cystitis) coming on, Tim just jumps on this home remedy and 9 times out of 10, I am better within hours. And I don’t have to take antibiotics.

      I HIGHLY recommend this ebook and encourage you to buy and try this approach.

      Have it on hand so that when a bladder infection strikes, you can take care of your wife immediately.

      Patients Encyclopedia of Urinary Tract Infection, Sexual Cystitis and Interstitial Cystitis: The international bible on self-help by Angela Kilmartin.

      And last but not least, THANK YOU for being 66 and having a great sex life. We have customers who are in their 80’s and still going strong. We appreciate you two.

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