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Review: ‘Exersutra’ Sexercise Program

True story.

Randy works out at the gym six days a week. His biceps look like tree trunks. His shoulders look like he lifts VW’s for fun. Other men, and definitely other women, sneak a long look at him as he walks down the street.

Randy is buffed.

And the other day, he and Lainey were making love.

Actually, they were having wild, animalistic sex — really getting into it — letting themselves go into their sensation.

Lainey was screaming with every thrust that Randy delivered.

He could tell she was digging it.

She was thinking to herself, “Oh my god, I have waited my whole life to experience this!” “YESSSS!

And Randy was starting to flag.

His arms were good at holding him up over Lainey, but his thighs were burning, his hips were tired… crap!

He had to stop…  rest…

Well short of when Lainey would have chosen to take a break.

Randy had to recoup his energy instead of taking Lainey even higher into her state of ecstasy.

He thought, “Dang, I need to get in better shape for heart POUNDING sex.”

(Randy used a different word than “heart pounding sex,” but you know what I mean.)

Lainey was Randy’s lifetime opportunity to have the kind of sex that most couples only dream about. They were hot together and she wanted all he could give her.

He wasn’t about to squander this perfect set of circumstances.

I recommended Exersutra to him.

Exersutra is an online training program that gives you a specific set of exercises for men that build the muscles required to have great sex.

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They are common exercises, like the Plank and Dips, but in a sequence that works optimally to condition you to be a Sex Machine.

Exersutra is not about buffing you up, like Randy. It’s about targeted, spot exercises to give you strength where you need it. Even in your tongue!

It’s easy to add these to your existing routine and you may likely be doing some of them already.

I work with a lot of men who find themselves having more and better sex because they are actively incrementing both their sexual communication skills and their advanced sexual mastery techniques.*

This situation is very satisfying business for both of us! I love serving women by teaching their men how to romance, seduce and make love to them in incredibly satisfying ways.

And I love watching my guys push their skills to Olympic levels.

Recently I came across three body-based concepts that are all excellent, Exersutra being one of them.

Exersutra – an online program with classic, easy, fun exercises that pinpoint the muscle groups you need to have the stamina to give her heart POUNDING sex.

Fit for Love – a book that teaches you how to use your hips to maximize her pleasure during lovemaking. Swivels are sensational!

Younger Next Year – a book that leverages evolutionary physiology to precisely focus on the actions you can take to keep yourself vital, fit and sexually appealing.

If you want to be a Sexual Champion, I suggest you learn to swivel and pivot your hips and penis in the Fit For Love manner, you do the Exersutra program and you get motivated by reading Fit For Love.

All in, we’re talking $50 bucks. Two very cheap books and an $29 online program. For the best pounding you can muster.

I can’t think of a better way for a man to feel vital, confident and take on that swagger we gals cannot resist.

I believe that if you are fit and ready, your lover is going to find you irresistible.

Make sure you are not just fit, but you have the stamina where it counts – quads, glutes, tongue… more!

Instead of waiting for her to act ready for more, why don’t you just give it to her?

That’s sexual vision.

That’s masculine leadership.

Randy didn’t get Lainey in bed simply because of his loving heart and delightful intellect alone… he attracted her, like bees to flowers, with his male essence, his ready state, his confidence that he could deliver that heart pounding experience we women fantasize about. And some of us get.

Lucky us.

With Love,
Susan Bratton

12 Responses

  1. You really make it seem so easy with your presentation however I
    to find this matter to be actually something that I think I would by no means understand.
    It sort of feels too complicated and very extensive for me.
    I am taking a look forward to your subsequent put up, I’ll
    try to get the dangle of it!

  2. I agree with what Bren, Jeff and Scott had to say. As much as yes we’re the men and we have to take control to make our sex lives better it shouldn’t mean that the woman should just lay there and expect us to be capable of giving mind-blowing orgasms every time. It does take two to tango and it would be nice for women to also have enough knowledge to know what turns us on and even show us a trick or two that we never knew about ourselves. Sex for men isn’t always about us reaching our peak first but ladies also have to be willing to explore just as much as we’re willing to put in work and figure out the utmost pleasure we can provide.

    With that said I understand Susan’s POV as well being that we’re naturally meant to lead and thus it should not be that much of a problem taking charge in the bedroom. It does take time to even build sexual chemistry with a lady because not every interaction leads to “ripping clothes off” type sex all the time. So the suggestion to workout for sex isn’t really a bad thing. At the end of the day if your S/O can know that you’re dominate in the bedroom and satisfy her the way she needs to be satisfied there would never be any reason for her to cheat on you physically with any other man.

    1. A woman won’t “lay there” for long once you start giving her multiple orgasms. Soon her body will awaken and desire even more. Then as you fill her up with orgasmic pleasure, she will soon want to reciprocate. You gotta get a woman to trust you, to surrender, to feel sensation and to feel her own arousal and turn on, then you gotta make it safe for her to ask for and try anything new that tickles her fantasy. Desire builds on itself and her appetites will increase and evolve. First she’ll just need to get comfortable both physically and emotionally. And you need to talk, talk, talk, so she can evolve as she processes. (The talking should mostly be done afterward, other than love talk and appreciation and dirty talk and grunting and moaning.)

      1. Mine does kinda “just lay there” She rolls over and says “come over here and get it if you “need to” cause I want to sleep. Sex is the furthest thing on her mind , Sometimes I think she would be happier if my dick just fell off. She don’t enjoy it anymore with her diabetis problem, she don’t even enjoy me going down on her cause she claims she don’t feel it.

  3. Thanks to Jeff and Scott for voicing what alot of us are thinking.

    Susan is correct that men have to lead in the bedroom. But it is hard to reconcile this fact with the reality that some women are duds in the bedroom and some are wildcats. I spent a long relationship with a woman who wanted sex all the time but was no good at it and didn’t want to change. (The Judith character on ‘Two and a half men’ comes to mind!) Surely women have some responsibility?

    1. Hi Bren,
      As Dr. Patti says, “you are always training her,” whether you are actively leading your woman or allowing what ever happens to happen, your sex life is a result of your behaviors and actions. That’s why we wrote, “Be Her Sexual Trainer.”

      You can recognize what she wants sexually. You can communicate openly and honestly about what pleases her – and you – sexually.
      You’ll can get her to delightfully open her vast sexual treasure-trove to you. You’ll do this by mastering the art of encouraging her to reveal her deepest, most secret sexual fantasies and desires, so that they may become a reality.

      You can train her sexually both without her noticing that you’re doing it (when that’s appropriate), or with her overt and enthusiastic agreement – thus initiating a sexual training program together.

      If you are ready to dive into hot, meltdown sex – more and better than you ever dared hope for…

      Sexual training is where it’s at.

      Discover the different approaches to leading her into more erotic pleasure both without her noticing (when that’s appropriate) or with her overt and enthusiastic agreement.

      We women need your leadership, your ability to open us to our sexual potential.

      This leadership also creates the masculine/feminine polarity that makes sex hot.

      It’s a virtuous circle.


    2. Bren,
      If you have a woman who is no good in bed, why didn’t she want to change? Probably fear and lack of experience. This was the PERFECT opportunity to lead her, darling. Especially because she liked sex!

  4. Susan,

    Why the presumption of anger on Jeff’s part? While I don’t think you face any obligation to address both sexes, Jeff voices a legitimate concern. Interestingly, I’m only aware of two people (one female & one male) who focus on love/sex advice to women. I’m sure there are others out there, but I see ***zero*** cross-promotion for any such products in the reams of ‘Game-mail’ I get every day (there are too many cross-promotions for products aimed at men to count). This is strange (if an abundance of such products exist), since a lot of guys like Jeff and I, who have spent quite a bit of money and time educating ourselves would be ***very open*** to spending a little more money on our SI for a product aimed at helping her be the best woman they can be us. If indeed there is a lot of female oriented products out there, those responsible for them aren’t plugged into a prime market and are leaving ***A LOT*** of money on the table (which I find very unlikely). All of this suggests to me a lack of demand – on the part of women – for such educational products, which in turn may suggest a lack of interest in the subject. That in itself might be cause for some mild curiosity if not concern.

    It takes two to tango; I think that’s all Jeff was pointing out. By the way, how could Jeff have worded his post so as not to sound ‘angry’? I ask because some of the b.s. us guys face consistently is that when we voice legitimate concerns vis-a-vis relationships/women – even in a calm, collected way – we are usually accused of being defensive and/or angry and we’re told to ‘man up’, stop whining and ‘take it like a man’. To hear this from a self-proclaimed advocate for men is a little disappointing. One could be forgiven for thinking that some people ( I’m not aiming this at you, Susan) think that men have no business voicing their concerns.

  5. i have no problem getting in better shape for whatever reason and i have no problem educating myself on how to better please a woman or learning techniques that bring us both closer to the heights of ecstasy, but i am having a problem with what seems like responsibility for all of this resting soley on my shoulders and men in general. i have spent money, hours, and sweat involved in all of these areas and giving a woman an over the top orgasm, which is in itself an absolute factor in fullfilling my own pleasure, but i see very little information, emphasis, or responsibility for the woman in any of this. seems awfully one sided to me. we are all not cut to be or desire to be Svengali’s in the sex department and i am really finding it hard to get the time i need to “be the best i can be” . i have to work, maintain a household, pay my kids college tuition, etc. etc. etc. when do we get a break and expect a little reciprocation???

    1. Hi JeffnVegas,
      I AM one-sided.
      I create programs for men. I am an advocate for men.
      And though it’s frustrating for men to feel like you are doing all the work to generate the sexual intimacy in a relationship, which is many cases is true, it’s the reality.
      Men need to lead in the bedroom. That’s why Polarity is one of the Four Elements of Revival.
      If you left it up to your lady, how much great sex would you be getting?
      Exactly. Not enough.
      Libidos are mismatched. Women get bored, preoccupied… add on the guilt, shame, body image issues and what do you have? No sex.
      If you don’t want your sex life to disappear, you have to take an active role in romancing, awakening her sensually, seducing her AND then giving her a lot of great orgasms.
      Many of the guys who see great results from Revive Her Drive have to check their anger at the door one final time for the big push back into intimacy.
      I hope you have the energy to take this on. The good news is, it’s actually fun. You are generating pleasure, affection and you will see great results if you have the willingness to let go of your anger, if you are holding any.
      Oh, and I believe all men have the ability to be amazing lovers. All it takes is education, practice and a little passion.
      When your passion gets quashed, I know it’s hard to keep positive.
      But what’s the alternative?
      So, JeffnVegas, are you ready to create a thriving sex life and lead your woman into her sexual potential?
      I gotta tell you, there is a big group of men right behind me who will cheer you on. That’s why we have a private, Members-Only Forum, man. You can go in there and get support from me and from all the other guys.
      Come join us.

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