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How To Flirt With Your Wife [TheMarriageYouWant]

How To Flirt With Your Wife [TheMarriageYouWant]

Remember that ditty, “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage?”

We little girls grew up jumping rope to that song. It informed our way of thinking about romance and the order of life.

We women have an insatiable appetite
for love and romance.

Lucky for you, flirting fuels our sex drive.

Flirt with her and she’ll respond.

Sometimes with an incredulous stare… (because it’s been so darn long since you flirted with her) and perhaps she’ll flirt back.

Wanna get your woman to be more intimate, more sexual with you?

Flirt your buns off!


Listen to this free dialogue between Calle and I to dial in the most flirtatious scenes that will light your gal UP!

02 How To Flirt With Your Wife

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Calle Zorro of “

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is a kindred spirit,  focused like I am, on helping YOU create a deeper, more intimate physical and emotional connection with your wife. (All of this applies to girlfriends too.) Do yourself a favor and listen (it’s free!) to prevent a lot of heart ache and unmet desire with your woman.

You know you could have a more passionate marriage.

You want that life-affirming range of erotic physical connection and deep emotional intimacy you are almost afraid to believe is possible.

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If you apply this insight and see positive (or negative) results, please post a comment below to share with other guys.

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With love,
Susan Bratton

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