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How To Offer Her A Medley Of Sensual/Sexual Variety

Trust this: She wants to be wet with desire.

(click here if you missed my blog post on vaginal wetness)

To get turned on, she may require more of a medley of sexual options offered to her than you’ve been providing… even if she resists your advances.

She’ll want more sex with you overall if you break it down into SMALL OFFERS.

(You can get more detail about SMALL OFFERS Dr. Patti’s Module in Revive Her Drive and a full explanation of this bulletproof seduction model you can use your entire life with any woman – ESPECIALLY YOUR WIFE – in her amazing Seduction Trilogy.)

Think of yourself as a sensual waiter with a very rich menu of sexy ideas from which your gal can select.

She might want a little snack.

Perhaps a breast massage with organic oil or to sit on your lap and have you kiss her and stroke her hair, her back, her thighs.

She might want a little something more…

Maybe she can lean up against you with her back against your belly while you run your hands all over her and stroke her while you’re watching a movie in bed together?

How about an Expanded Orgasm date where you stroke her genitals, belly, thighs and get her all fluffy and engorged?

Maybe a Sandbox Date where you practice oral sex or 69 and come up with some new licks and strokes and give each other feedback?

Seldom does a woman really want an offer of full out sexual intercourse. That’s too much too soon.

We need to be warmed up before that even sounds like a good idea to us.

You’ll have a LOT more sex if instead, you run her these menus of options, likely starting even smaller than these ides with a sensual massage, a bath together, even a back or foot rub.

(I know you get tired of footrubs but they get her in her body so you can escalate, so do it lovingly and with all the sensuality you can muster remembering we’re a slow fire that needs tending to get white hot.)

The more SMALL OFFERS you make her, ultimately the more sex you’ll have.

If she turns your offers down, scale them back, don’t take it as rejection, just try again.

Remember: There is no failure, only feedback.

And if you haven’t yet tried The Four Keys to Seduction (free report), do so, It’s a keystone to your success with her sexually for the rest of your lives.

Guys who know the Four Keys say they’d NEVER go back to the time before they knew how to run her menus of small offers.

I love getting offers from Tim.

Often I’ll say, “Babe, can you run me a menu?”

I’ll want to be sensual with him, but, like most women, won’t really know what I want.

He’ll run a menu and I’ll either find something in the list that sounds great, or modify one of his ideas.

These menus really get you two trying a lot of variety of beautiful, sensual activities…

Which is EXACTLY what she needs to get turned on:


The spice of your sex life.

Let me know how you do and share back some of your menu items with us so we can all try them!

Extra: How about getting her some organic oil, a beautiful, sexy nightie, and an orange lightbulb for your bedroom lamp to show your love? What a sensual assemblage of gifts!

With love,
Susan Bratton

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