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Month 3 – 3 Steps To Help Your Wife Access and Express Her Sexuality

Burning Desire: Embracing the Flame of Love

This month you’re going to get to know Calle Zorro, one of my closest associates. This is a two hour long conversation, so strap in! There is so much actionable information in here to help you awaken your woman’s sensuality, stir her libido and get her thinking sexy thoughts again.

I admire Calle’s strategies because he puts the onus on the man to lead his woman into her sensual potential. He doesn’t shy away from taking responsibility AND he gives you hands-on tools that work.

Make sure you also grab his free eBook, “How To Change Your Wife Into The Kind Of Woman You Want Her To Be,” at

First you’ll find out how to get your wife to pursue you, even if she’s never initiated before. This is sooooo clever and it will absolutely work. It’s brilliant and I won’t be a spoiler.

Just listen.

Secondly, Calle will show you how to dismantle your woman’s anti-sexual or non-sexual perspective so you can…

Plant the seeds of sexual expression in her mind, which is the third step in his turn-around plan.

First you’ll get your mind right, then you’ll get your woman’s mind right.

This is EXACTLY what you need to know next, now that you understand the 4 Elements of Revival, you’re working on your Polarity, you’re romancing her, and you’re studying seduction strategies, like Dr. Patti’s Four Keys to Seduction and advanced sexual mastery knowledge, like the module from Sheri Winston, Maps To Buried Pleasure.

Calle’s work dovetails Revive Her Drive perfectly and you’ll enjoy the male and female perspective in our dialogue.

We share a number of clients and more than one has told me, “I am exclusively studying you and Calle for my life improvement plan.”

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With love,
Susan Bratton

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