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My Sexual Hunger and Frustration Are Diminishing

My Sexual Hunger and Frustration Are Diminishing

Startling yet incredible Susan, Good morning!

You are so unconventionally good, I can’t help adoring you. Just to see how you have heard our guys’ frustrations and looked for the perfect solution is a mark of your very deep concern to help fix our craving into remarkable bliss! Help is coming into my life. I am so thankful.

What is causing this kind of appreciation? It is from gathering truth found in your Otto Collin’s interview. (Trust, Honesty and Listening For Men) So far, his material is clicking with me.

I did not have sex for one month because I was living my story in my head. I am not just talking eggshells, I had eggshells in my thinking. I was afraid to get the truth of my feelings into the open. When I got my story out, my mate got juicy within seconds with virtually no warm ups. My wife will let you know, much to her displeasure, that I am the sex endurance guy. But she got so instantly hot, I became utterly uncontrolled. She was claw-grabbing sexual. Where I could last an hour effortlessly, I was not good for even five minutes!

I figured I was being kind to her by withhold my sexual feelings because she didn’t seem to hunger for me. “Keeping the peace” seemed to be the safer path! Then I realized what Otto Collins was saying makes so much sense. Instead of letting the mysterious nature of a woman block me, I shifted my thinking into the path of curiosity to give her attention.

Otto Collin’s “48 hour sex formula” makes perfect sense. “Biologically, it takes more time for a woman to relax, let go of her worries, stress and even more memories in order to have sex than it does for us men,” he says. He notes that the 24 hours preceding intercourse is critical! Your woman wants your attention especially in that 24 to 48 hour window.

I recently became aware I longed for emotional connection with my wife. As I have been attempting to get that, I noticed my sexual hunger actually diminishing — because I am going after what I actually crave. It comes when you detect what is deep within you and you find it by being absolutely honest with yourself. That is explained by Otto when he says that a man and women BOTH want the same thing — but they come from opposite directions.

“Men . . . get connection . . . through lovemaking or sex (while) most women want to make love or have sex AFTER they feel truly connected to you and NOT before,” he explains.

I hope this is true because if it is true that kind of relating makes sex so much fierier! It is the deep soul level connection she needs to feel!

I have noticed these building blocks are not only affecting how I am relating to my wife, it is transforming how I relate to others. To watch how others are responding to me is both reassuring and captivating.

Of all the people you have interviewed in Revive Her Drive, I am becoming convinced that Otto Collins holds so many keys to my issues.

Thanks Susan for being so kind and sensitive.

Dearest Roger,
I’m so pleased you are fired up by Otto’s dialogue. I had a sense he would be the right guy to hear at this point on the path.

The courage to be honest can’t be requested or considered until a man knows the Four Elements of Revival (the model within the Revive Her Drive turn-around plan) and has thought those through and applied them to his relationship to see where the deficits are. And then, it’s time for talking. Honestly speaking one’s needs, values and desires.

Otto can give a man the courage and the process to come clean to himself, and then his beloved.

That’s when the real healing begins.
That’s when progress gets made.

When a man steps up to lead his woman into her potential. And has the information, education, systems, models and processes (the tools) and the confidence to proceed and weather what will come as he steers her across the chasm from the black void of guilt and longing to the sweet, precious arms of intimacy and sensual pleasure.

You are crossing that chasm, Roger.
I am proud of you and right here, behind you, cheering you on.

With love,
Susan Bratton


  1. A wonderful and very encouraging account of one husband’s triumphal success in discovering and implementing the steps needed to have a deep emotional and loving connection with his adored wife. For the doubting Thomas husbands out there pay attention. Susan provides the
    insight and information to achieve the soul mate all us husbands want. It’s up to us guys. Get with the program!

  2. This is Cheng a disable divorced double D 59 years old Chinese without sex for more than 17 years because she leave me alone!!!

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