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Open Her Eyes To All The Love You Have For Her [Sensual Gifts]

Awaken your woman to her sensuality with loving gifts focused on sight and vision.

Here are some easy ideas she’ll love personally selected by me for you to give to her. When the kisses and hugs come rolling in, I’ll just know, honey. I want that so much for you both.

  • Battery Operated Candles with Remote
  • Eye Mask
  • Bird Feeder
  • Eye Makeup

Remote Control “Candles”

These candles make her look beautiful during lovemaking. And when you’re done you can snuggle her and flick them off remotely.

Try these for your bedroom. They are as pretty as candles, but less dangerous and never need replacing.

When I am in beautiful, buttery glowing light, I can surrender more to my sensuality.

Maybe she will too?

Silk Eye Mask

This is a gift you can give in front of your kids that has a double entendre.

Will you slip this mask on her and give her exquisite pleasures?

Even better, it has lavender aromatherapy, so while you’re taking away her sight, you’re tickling her sense of smell and touch.

Bird Feeder

Every time I see pretty birds outside my window, I appreciate the thoughtful gift from my husband all over again.

A daily reminder of your love for her… nice.

Eye Makeup

There are a lot of eye shadow collections full of yucky colors with crappy products. You can be confident that this is a classy, quality collection by “Too Faced” called Naked Eye Soft & Sexy – describes exactly what you think of HER – soft and sexy!

With love,
Susan Bratton

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