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The 70 Year Olds That Do It Up To 5 Times A Night [Mailbag]

The 70 Year Olds That Do It Up To 5 Times A Night [Mailbag]


My girlfriend e-mailed you about two weeks ago, and you actually got us an answer. We are the 70-year olds that do it up to 5 times a night. Last Friday night was such a night. We are both content with everything we have now. We’ve both been through a lot in our younger years. This is our story about how we are able to be so frisky.


Brenda have mastered a really wonderful kiss. When we kiss, while I’m inside of her, we don’t even have to move. Just very minute movements with our mouths and lips. The kiss feels just about as good as it does to climax.

I learned this technique from another woman 10 years ago and back then it was the same. Once I was inside her, we didn’t have to move, just kiss in our very special way, and I would almost orgasm.

We put our lips together, not over lapping. Just on each others’ and press lightly with a little, very little suction, no spit, once in awhile out tongues will touch at the tip. And we just hold that position, every so often our heads will rock with each other, and then hold still again. I think holding still makes our brains work. I would almost climax without pumping her, just holding still, with my penis in her, and that kiss, ummm…

Brandi and Jewel are the only women who could kiss me like that. Some of the women I’ve been with weren’t with me long enough to learn that. I think to get the best love making session, a couple needs to practice, practice practice. Not just enter her and in a few minutes explode in her and get up and leave. That’s basically how I used to do it. Everything has changed now.

Brenda age 70 and I will be 70 in three more weeks, have both been divorced three times. We are both retired, have known each other three years now. We each have our own homes in the same town. I spend the night over there quite often . We know that at our age there probably isn’t a whole lot left. So we cleave  to each other more than anything in the world. We both exercise and eat as healthfully as possible. She has the shape of a 30-year old and is extremely pretty. I have a very few extra pounds and keep what hair I have left very short. We both take vitamins, (a few) no aphrodisiacs, they aren’t necessary.

When I spend the night we will have sex usually at least twice, every night it would be like that. Quite often it is four to five times a night. We have both loved sex all our lives… When we could get it. I’ve been with close to 50 women in my younger years, she has been with close to 25 to 30 men. When I was younger it only mattered that I would climax. It’s different now. I want my woman to  orgasm first. It’s been like this ever since I retired, 11 years ago. I may not climax every time, usually I’ll only have one or two orgasms a night, but it really feels good to feel the woman orgasm. I never knew that when I was younger. It was all about me. Brenda can orgasm over and over and sometimes one orgasm will last over a minute.

Our love making sessions usually last 30 minutes. We talk to each other about our previous sexual experiences. She is pretty content with me, but to be honest i still have the “roaming instincts.” We admit to each other what problems we have and fantasies we have. We don’t put a gag order on each other. In our previous relationships we both had to pretty well shut-up.

We both think that communication about anything is the best. It must be. How many other couples do it 4 or 5 times a night.? Also how many of them can honestly say anything they need to say? To both of us that is important. To be honest.

Take a look at how many people have gotten caught cheating on each other. Then life for them is sheer hell. We don’t have to  worry about. Sex is great, but belonging to each other is greater. And that will always be. The real truth stays with us. It took us a few years to fit together like we do, but we made it.

I hope our story helps other guys know that it’s possible to still have a fantastic sex life when you and your woman are into your 70’s and beyond.

You are doing great work with Revive Her Drive and I appreciate how you always answer your emails.


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  1. My story is identical to this guy’s. Except I can’t cum only maybe once a night or once every other night. But everything else I thought that I had written it and sent it in. The kiss does count….a lot. and so does communication. Talking is the best medicine for everything, not just sex. When a woman puts a gag order on a man, (in order to control him, or “keep” him) she’s doing the worst thing in the world. She’s actually friving a wedge between them.

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