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Why She Says No To Something That Feels So Good [TheMarriageYouWant]

Why She Says No To Something That Feels So Good [TheMarriageYouWant]

Free Audio Below “Why She Says, “No,” To Something That Feels So Good.

Calle Zorro of “The Marriage You Want,” is a kindred spirit,  focused like I am, on helping YOU create a deeper, more intimate physical and emotional connection with your wife. (All of this applies to girlfriends too.) Do yourself a favor and listen (it’s free!) to prevent a lot of heart ache and unmet desire with your woman.

You know you could have a more passionate marriage.

You want that life-affirming range of erotic physical connection and deep emotional intimacy you are almost afraid to believe is possible.

I teamed with Calle to add HIS special magic to the techniques and strategies in the 4 Elements of Revival that are the foundation of Revive Her Drive.

Are you ready to be the kind of man who operates in such a way that your wife trusts, respects, admires, appreciates, values and looks up to you?

Calle has an eBook with forehead-slapping insight that will, upon reading 7 little pages, permanently alter the way you show up in the world and in your relationship to your wife — all for the better.

Get Calle’s self-awareness shifting free eBook called:

“How To Change Your Wife Into The Kind Of Woman You Want Her To Be.” Get it now.

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Calle and I recorded a two-hour in-depth training session for Revive Her Drive customers that is Month 2 of the Mastery Series that is a benefit of Membership, along with the Forum where men support each other on the path.

That Mastery session is called, “3 Steps To Help Your Wife Express Her Sexuality.” You discover how to give your wife the chance to pursue. And yes, with Calle’s strategy, even the most shut-down woman will step up to this most positive provocation technique. You understand how you’ll dismantle your wife’s non-sexual perspectives, because you’ll realize how they were set and how to overcome the fuzzy logic on which her beliefs are based. And finally, Calle shows you how to plant the seeds of positive sexual expression so she begins to think again as a sexually positive woman – which all women are – once you negate the underlying programming holding her back from her rights to pleasure as a human being.

Get a taste of Calle’s genius with the FREE 10-part dialogue series called, “Insights Into Intimacy.”

Hear a man (Calle) and a woman (Susan) talk you through the most difficult issues when a relationship is stuck in non-sexual, non-sensual, shallow negativity and how you can turn your marriage around within months with the insights and actions we share.

Why She Says No To Something That Feels So Good [Free Audio]

The first free dialog (below) in the series answers these questions:

  • Why does a wife say, “No,” to sex?
  • Why does she turn down something that feels so good?
  • How is it that a wife can have little or no desire for sex?
  • And what can you do about it to instigate a turn around in her desire?

01 Why She Says No To Something That Feels So Good

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If you apply this insight and see positive (or negative) results, please post a comment below to share with other guys.

Keep an eye on your email for 9 more free audio dialogues by watching for [TheMarriageYouWant].

With love,
Susan Bratton


  1. I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooo sad that it is always the man that is at fault!! The focus is always that way, that is why I think all this is a bunch of cr…p!!
    I have always been very compassionate and very understanding … NEVER just demaning and while I like sex … I am always concerned on how to please and do the things that she wants, and always open. I suppose women cannot not be superficial right?

    So, I do believe that while some women may like sex, some are just not interested because of her belief system. So let me say some men are NOT what you think.

    I know that I am a good lover period … and I I am not interested in sex if it one sided.
    Over and out!

  2. I have to agree with John here, on this one. I am a genuinely nice guy! I go above and beyond the call, to assure my wife’s needs are met, and I do not mean sexually, or physically. I mean emotionally and with her daily needs. Seeing as how my wife does not drive and I am always at her beckon call, to take her where she needs to go. Like, to the grocery store, to the doctor, to the salon, to her friends and family’s… EVERYWHERE! This is a huge burden at times. Now, mind you, my wife has not even slept in the same room with me, for years now. She sleeps with our ten year old son, in his room, on his pull out trundle bed! I tell her all the time that she is sending all the wrong signals to our son, about what a marriage and a relationship should be. She doesn’t care. She is Asian, by the way… from Indonesia, half Chinese and half Indonesian and finds this behavior completely acceptable. Culture? I don’t think so. I know other Asian women and have asked them all and they find this very strange indeed.
    I am convinced that my wife is either frigid, or has an outside boyfriend and lover.
    I have told my wife time and again, that it is NOT just about the sex. I desire some simple affection, such as a hug, a holding of a hand, a kiss on the cheek, or simply lying together, with her head on my chest while watching a movie on TV, or whatever. NO RESPONSE to this at all!!
    So, no matter what I do, I am “out in the cold” all the time and all that does is make me more irritable, more frustrated, and on edge. I don’t like being like this and don’t want to vent on her, but I can’t help it!!! She shuns me at every advance I make toward her, to get some sort of affection out of her.
    Yes, I’ve thought of seeking “shelter from the storm” outside and DO NOT want to do that, but feel pushed to it!!
    I’m at a loss……………….
    In a nutshell.. yes, John, it IS always OUR fault. NOT!!
    Time for this guy to move on……………………….
    To the rest of you… good luck!!


  3. i like it, thanks you very much

  4. What we are talking about here is MOTHER LOVE. This where the wife feels more attached to her son(not mine)instead of the husband. From what I am told, you will never be able to beat this problem. I know, I have the same situation.

  5. SUSAN


  6. Prior to marriage, hell prior to kids, we were having sex every chance we got. After 8 years of marriage and 2 kids. She says sex every other day. Which ends up being 2 days later then a week. Don’t get me wrong when we do have sex it great and we both get our satisfaction. But she sets limits that I don’t think need to be set.

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