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Candid Images of Real Women’s Engorged Vulvas

Candid Images of Real Women’s Engorged Vulvas

I’m about to unleash my free eBook on Female Genitalia for you with all kinds of photos of engorged vulvas.

I’ve been preaching the power of engorgement to you – it makes her more turned on, makes the sexing you do to her feel better to her, makes your penis feel like it fills her up more and gives her access to more full body orgasms.  So I wanted to show you what an engorged pussy looks like.

I must warn you about this eBook…

Don’t Forget! Today is the last day to grab Carlos Xuma’s free “Shark Fin Soup Formula” Report, his webinar, “Freaky Chicks and Total Dicks,” his video, “The Flinch,” and the details on the excellent Alpha Sexual Power.


The book has a LOT of very up-close photos. If you are uncomfortable seeing candid images of real womens’ lush, pillowy genitals… PLEASE DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS BOOK.

Please do not take something I’ve created for free to help men give their women more pleasure and write to me that you didn’t like it.

I’ve worked with a select handful of my best customers to vet the contents for your edification.

On the other hand, if this is the best eBook you ever saw with the most up to date and complete female anatomy photos that helped you understand more completely what a woman’s pussy looks like when it’s fluffy, velvety and totally turned on and you want to send me a note of appreciation, I welcome that! 🙂

Furthermore, I’m please to announce that I’ve licensed an image for use in the Genitalia eBook from Sheri Winston of The Center for the Intimate Arts and author of, “Women’s Anatomy of Arousal,” that is the first of it’s kind!

This image shows the Vestibular Bulbs, the Urethral Sponge, the Clitoris and Crura and Perineal Sponge and how they fit together anatomically.

The eBook photos show the OUTSIDE, Sheri’s image illustrates what’s INSIDE and it’s coming soon. Get ready. Watch your email.

*****Armed with this knowledge, you will become a better lover tonight!*****

And if you haven’t yet downloaded my Revive Her Drive Mastery Interview do it now. I’m taking it down because it’s a paid program and I’m making it available to you free for one week only.

“Fixing Her Sexual Health Issues” Dr. Deb [Limited Time Audio]

I want you to be your woman’s advocate and support her in finding solutions to any health issues holding her back. She needs you. Get informed.


Pussy pics and freaky chicks… How would I ever describe what I do for a living! I love my job. And I love you. And want so much pleasure for you.

Thanks for being part of my life. Hope all this flowing honey river of goodness is moving your whole life forward in beautiful new ways.

Note: You might as well establish a folder on your desktop with my name on it. I’m going to be filling it up with so much great free content. And remember, the way I pay my bills is when you purchase Revive Her Drive, Seduction Trilogy, Expand Her Orgasm Tonight and Female Liquid Orgasm. If you’ve been thinking about trying one, please do! They are AWESOME, life-changing and work.

Download our FREE eBook to learn more about female ejaculation.


  1. where is the ebook?

    • Hi David,

      Thanks for asking and we’re eager to get the Female Genitalia book in your hands as soon as possible.

      As it says in Susan’s emails, the book is in the final stages for release but is not yet available.

      Watch your emails and you’ll know when the link to download goes live.

      More soon and thank you for being part of our fans and followers!

      Maica Saldo
      Support, Personal Life Media

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