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Month 4 – Dr. Deb Answers All Your Questions About Women’s Sexual Health Solutions

Healthcare Wisdom with Dr. Deborah Metzger

Are you stymied by your woman’s health problems?

Has she stopped wanting to be intimate because of hormones, menopause, chronic pain, fatigue, vaginal pain and dryness, hysterectomy, inability to orgasm, loss of libido, low blood pressure, endometriosis, even semen allergies and possible yeast infections or other issues?

Do you feel disempowered because your woman’s problems are “ladies issues?”

Dr. Deborah Metzger is one of the world’s leading gynecologists/endocrinologists. She specializes in hormones, thyroid, adrenal issues and women’s sexual and reproductive health.

I sat down with her and got answers you can use to all of these issues and more. You can be an advocate for your lady’s health. And when you listen to this dialog with Dr. Deb and I, you’ll see that it’s really not that confusing and there are real and rapid solutions to so many of the niggling problems that are easily treated.

Get informed, get involved, get your woman healthy so she can go back to enjoying her sexuality with you.

One listen to this and you’ll feel confident about getting involved and know that there are not only pharmaceutical solutions but plenty of over the counter solutions you can try yourself.

Dr. Deb is available via Skype and phone to support you – she will charge her regular rates, so make sure you talk to her nurse about the costs first and your insurance coverage. Email her at [email protected].


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