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Stroke by Stroke: Hubby’s Sneaky Trick “3 Little Licks”

(Hand job info below.)

I’m giving you a brilliant little “Lick Trick” my hubby came up with that made me more inclined to give him oral when I used to not like to (now I love it!)


Tanya told me these are the five top reasons she doesn’t like giving Dan “head” (oral pleasuring).


– It takes too long for Dan to climax.
– She’s not really sure exactly what strokes to do.
– Her neck and jaw gets tired.
– Sometimes it gags her.
– And his pubes are prickly and scratch her lips.

Dan would do an Irish Jig in Times Square buck naked to get  more “love” down there.

Honestly, he’d be happy it she just TOUCHED IT.

But thinking to himself, “Touch my dick.”

“Touch my dick.”

“Pleeeeeeeease, touch my dick…”

Well, that hasn’t really been working for him.

Until now.

He just bought a copy of the ridiculously cheap, thoroughly well-written, easy to read book,

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“Stroke by Stroke”

The Ultimate Hand Job Resource Guide

Stroke By Stroke is brand new and ladies, if you want an easy alternative to giving blow jobs that will give transform him from Mr.Cranky into Mr. Happy Honey Do…

(It’s MORE THAN a handbook for guys to guide their wives.)

According to Michael Webb, the author of Stroke By Stroke, 82% of men would prefer an amazing hand job over a good (not amazing) blow job.

Positions, anatomy, stroke techniques, dirty talk…

“I love watching you erupt.”

and how to create “mental fantasies” that contribute to one of the most thrilling experiences she can give him).

SBS just launched and is not available in bookstores.

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“You never get to see the layout of a woman’s external parts, like the labia or clitoris, with real pictures instead of drawings. Additionally the variations of what is normal anatomy is very DRAMATIC and seeing the engorgement phase is
– Barry

“I’d like to be more skilled from the start.
You’re going to laugh when I say this, but I’ve never seen a woman naked before (outside of porn) and this is a way for a total beginner like me to get an inside look.”
– Ari


When I used to feel just like Tanya (before I knew what to do to give great fellatio and before hubby began “manscaping,” he had a great strategy to get me to at least wrap my lips around his member for just a brief moment.

He’d ask for “3 little licks” and by making that SMALL OFFER (a seduction strategy taught in “Seduce Her Tonight“)

I’d be willing to lick, nibble or suck him three times.

Sometimes I’d do 3 licks, sometimes I’d do 3 minutes.

Over time, I slid down the slippery slope and gave him more and more cock appreciation and attention.

I noticed the more orgasms he gave me, the more turned on I got. Then one day, my body just wanted his cock in my mouth.

It TURNED ME ON to enjoy him.

It wasn’t until we had Expanded Orgasm sessions for two or three years that I wanted him for myself instead of it being something I did for him.

But he got me there. Loving to give him oral.

And if you’ve gone 6 years and 3 months without her even TOUCHING your penis, like poor Dan,making your woman feel serious ecstasy for a yearor two until she’s called to want you ain’t such a bad road back to riches.

The slippery slope starts with hand jobs.

Give her lots of very detailed instructions from the ideas you get in Stroke By Stroke so she’s confident she’s doing a great job for you.

Give her verbal feedback too. Moan, growl, sigh and say, “Yes, baby. Oh, that feels so good.” “I love the way you touch me.” “You are my darling.”

Try it with our favorite organic avocado oil for added glide and sensation.

Let me know how you do!  I love your stories.

Sliding Down Gliding Down…

With love,
Sloane Fox

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