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"Thrust in Time" Taoist Thrusting Techniques

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How To:  Set the Scene for Maximum Success – a Foreplay Primer

It’s very important when trying something new in bed to intentionally help your partner feel very comfortable. First, make sure your room is the perfect temperature. Create a sensual environment with mood lighting. Establish a slow, pleasure-seeking tempo. Put plenty of really good glycerin and paraben-free lube within easy reach. I prefer this kind of organic avocado oil to chemical lubes. Get a glass of water to share. Turn on your favorite sexy music. Check in with each other to make sure there is nothing external to this moment that might get in the way of creating a very intimate setting. Are there any issues either of you is withholding? Move through that first before creating your sacred space for this lovemaking session.

Start slowly, with hugging, kissing, stroking, massaging each other before moving to breasts and genitals. Stick with your comfortable foreplay routines here because this technique will be so new. Take time to get your lover fully engorged. If you haven’t yet read the free eBook, “Female Genitalia: Anatomy and Engorgement,” get it here. Ground yourself in the familiarity of your mutual turn on before trying Thrust in Time.

Taoist Thrusting Techniques

These “motions” will delay male ejaculation while encouraging the woman to reach new levels of orgasmic pleasure.

Classic Taoist Thrusting combines different strokes of the penis in the vagina in a rhythmic manner that increases a woman’s sensation.

The man’s strokes provide a variety of depth and speed. But caution, make sure she’s really turned on and he’s very gentle in his stroking until she shows him she wants more intensity.

There are two basic kinds of moves: Deep (or “Profound”) Thrusts and Shallow Thrusts.

The man alternates between Deep and Shallow in a specific pattern.

In doing classic Taoist Thrusting, first he does 9 shallow thrusts, and then 1 deep thrust.

Next 8 shallow thrusts, then 2 deep thrusts.

Then 7 shallow thrusts, then 3 deep thrusts.

Keep this pattern: 6/4, 5/5. 4/6 , 3/7, 2/8, 9/1. If he gets to 9/1, congratulations! That’s a lot of control, a lot of work and a lot of orgasms for her!

You’ll be adding lube often – there’s a lot of friction.

You can also take a rest whenever you need to.

At the same time, most woman desire to have their clitoris stimulated. You can do it, she can do it, or you can use a vibrator.

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Try all three!

More about the Deep and Shallow Thrusting…

With the shallow thrusts, the tip of his penis should be stroking her G-Spot just inside her vagina on the top inside wall. They don’t need to be rapid-fire, just shorter than the Deep thrusts.

Think about your penis stroking her G-Spot in almost a “come hither” motion.

The Deep thrusts should be long, fluid and slow. They shouldn’t be harsh or fast and he should not go into her too deeply.

The woman must communicate with the man how deeply to go inside. It will feel really good to her and she’ll like it if each time he goes just a little deeper inside.

Chances are, with a little practice, she’ll be multi-orgasmic.

The Best Position for Thrust In Time

The woman is lying on her back at the edge of the bed and the man is standing on the floor, facing her.

Now you know the thrusting rhythm – increments of 10 starting with short strokes.

The woman is lying on her back on the bed or a padded table, depending on the height of you and your furniture. She’s scooted right up to the edge of the bed. Her buns are right at the end so it’s easy to penetrate her while the man is standing at the edge of the bed facing her.

Pillows surround her so she can rest her legs in the butterfly position. The man can also hold her ankles while he’s making love to her but he has to commit to holding them tightly so she doesn’t have to worry about them. She needs to completely surrender to the sensation.

Try this and then share your experience by commenting below. If you find ways to improve on this we all want to know!

With love,
Sloane Fox

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4 Responses

  1. Taoist thrusting is …….. *searches for words* ……. delicious beyond measure. ^
    I’d love to see some pictures though for my clients to immediately grab it non-verbally.

    Oh, and I prefer either coconut oil or sunflower seed oil for lubrication.

    Thank you for posting.

  2. Dear Susan,

    I love using olive oil for a natural lube and didn’t know that avocado oil was useable also. When I tried to click on the photo, it would only show the photo and not the names of the types of avocado oils you recommend. Could you please respond and tell me the names? I can’t wait to share this technique!!! I have done a variation of this technique much in the past, but, not in so measured and detailed a fashion! It has always been well received!! However, like Roger, my husband and I got caught up in the event and, well…Although, suffice it to say, I can’t describe it as a failure because we were both blown away with the results(Pun intended!!). Oh, also, I ave done a variation of this with me on top in both Cowgirl positions – Very well received and enjoyed by both of us!!!

    Hope this helps and encourages others!! You have certainly inspired me!!

    Thanks for everything!


  3. I decided to take the challenge to see if I could get least one complete cycle. I might explain too that I just laid on my wife–getting my body in contact so I could rub her clit. I used that as a foreplay which she loved. I must explain too that I have been working really hard at maintain a love connection with my wife. So when I opened our session together, I told her, “I am not going to have sex with you ever again.” What do you mean?” she asked interestingly. “I plan to only make love to you. Making anything is an art!” Then I told her I wanted to pleasure her–and for this, I needed her continual feedback.

    Well the session ended in failure. I was able to move slow enough–and got the to fifth level. By then, my lovely lady was so hot she was taking control doing all kinds of expressive moves. I could no longer keep to the program. She was just too alive. But, such a failure is worth trying again.

    By the way, my wife has never had a climax in forty five years of marriage. You know what is just around the corner. I can feel it come! Keep me in your prayers.


    1. Roger,
      I love your failures! The Taoist Thrusting made her wild?
      I haven’t met a woman who didn’t LOVE it.
      Appreciate you posting your excellent experience to embolden other men to try it too.

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