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When She Won’t Kiss You Anymore [TheMarriageYouWant]

When She Won’t Kiss You Anymore  [TheMarriageYouWant]

Insight Into Intimacy – A Dialog With Calle Zorro and Susan Bratton.

“When She Won’t Kiss You Anymore” Free Audio

Hot kissing is the bedrock of a hot sexual connection.

What happens if your woman no longer wants your kisses?

For a woman, kissing is the most personal form of intimacy. Her face is her most personal and private space. What happens when she won’t let you near her?

According to Calle, when you become a man who can manage your woman’s mind, she will want to kiss you.

Learn how to safely penetrate your woman’s emotions before trying to kiss her.

Get some excellent ideas for escalating from pecks on the cheek to deep, delicious tongue thrusting that gets you both fired up for more.

And find out what to do if your lady says she doesn’t LIKE the way you kiss. Gahhh! Great solutions, deep wisdom and massive truth await you in this free dialog. Enjoy.

04 When She Won’t Kiss You Anymore

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How To Change Your Wife Into The Woman You Want Her To Be

With love,
Susan Bratton


  1. Wow. this stuff is so real it even scares me. I can’t imagine my spouse not wanting to kiss me. I can’t say that I’ve run into the problem yet but I think this is like a handbook to help solve the problem way a head of time. I can’t possibly thank you enough. you are the best.

  2. Thank you for this.
    My wife only wants a peck in the cheek these days. She knows that any more might give me the idea she wants to make love – and she she sure doesn’t want that to happen!
    I hope this helps.

  3. My wife hasn’t wanted to kiss me romantically in over 40 years. It’s so incredibly insulting. I recently learned that she’s an “avoidant” attachment style, and I’ve hired a lawyer. It breaks my heart that our grandchildren won’t remember us as a couple.

  4. my Wife and i have not had any form of sex in over 5 years now….two years ago, She stopped kissing me. Now we don’t even sleep in the same room, and i am required to knock and wait for an invite before entering!!

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