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Is locating and sensitizing her G-Spot a difficult process? [Mailbag]

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“Tallulah, you are an inspiration… I am in a 19 year marriage that is experiencing a lot of strain. My wife “Juliet” is able to climax numerous times through clitoral stimulation, when she feels good about things. Unfortunately that has been difficult lately, really for the last four years.

However, our best times have been when she has been able to “let go” and truly enjoy herself.

I have tried to locate her G-spot and concluded she may not have one. In your material however, you indicate that you needed to sensitize your G-spot. Is this a difficult and time consuming process or does it depend on the individual? I think this will help our relationship, if she is able to truly enjoy herself.” — Coach

Hi Coach,
Thank you for writing to Tallulah. I’m Sloane Fox, ambassador for Personal Life Media and I handle some of our expert’s correspondence.

Every woman has a G-Spot (we prefer to think of it as a G-Area).

Every woman can ejaculate.

Sensitizing your wife’s G-Spot is the easiest thing in the world. You put lubricated fingers inside her and stroke using my trademark strokes and stroke patterns.

The part that is HARD is her willingness to emotionally surrender and enjoy herself trying something sexually new.

We call this your “emotional prep plan” and “after care” and these mind and heart-centered exercises and experiences are explained in Female Liquid Orgasm and are what set our program apart from any other “technique” program.

Before you start there, I heartily recommend that you consider following the “Four Elements of Revival” in Revive Her Drive.

If it’s literally been 4 years since you have had that kind of breathless, surrendered passionate sex together, you will need to take a deep breath and start romancing and seducing your wife again before you start sticking your fingers up inside her like a hillbilly hand fisherman!

Our CEO, Susan Bratton, designed Revive Her Drive expressly for men whose wives have become sexually reluctant, or focused on work and kids instead of them and sex.

If you want to get your wife into the mode of “letting go” and having those best times again, you need a solid plat to take her from where she is now to turned-on again and eager to try a variety of new sexual experiences.  Revive Her Drive is the only program in the world that has deconstructed and organized a plan for men in relationship to turn their women back on again.

Let me know how things go and thanks for writing!

With love,
Tallulah Sulis

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